Hosted by Dayo Samuel, founder of the Nigeria Podcast Network, #Audacity2Lead is dedicated to helping emerging thought leaders get focused, get started and be impactful with their message. In very educative conversations and interviews you will discover tips, steps and strategies to help you chart a compelling course for your life, business and leadership. Topics include coaching, consulting, personal branding, platform building, personal leadership, calling, life tasks, and everything you need to know to lead with more influence.

There are 2 assets you have. The one you invest in determines the result you get with your life. Investing in yourself is a critical way to prepare yourself for something big. Life is seed before harvest with time in-between. Whatever products or results you find in people’s lives are outcomes of certain investments, which […]

What stories are you telling yourself?  What kind of story are you hearing? What script of a story are you living? Welcome to another session of The Audacity2Lead podcast. Last episode, we discussed how the words we hear on our inside, the pictures we conceive within, and the impressions on our hearts all contribute to

  In life, no freelancer makes an impact. Until you identify what your calling is, you won’t clarify the model, blueprint, the pattern your life is meant to follow. A calling is a simple realization of what you are meant to do for the rest of your life. It goes beyond the general purpose of

Have you answered the question about your passion and your life task? How badly do you want to maximize your potentials? Do you want to be a good guy or a great guy? You can decide which if you learn how to identify your passion points, and activate them. On this episode of the #Audacity2Lead

  “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?” Who are you not to be? We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us, and as we let

  Do you ever turn back from following your passion because you feared something? You are not the only person. Fear is a common line in the vein of successful leaders who have learnt to overcome those fears Every one fears something once in a while. But more specific on this episode of the Audacity2Lead

Good leaders ask great questions. IBM founder Thomas J. Watson said, “The ability to ask the right questions is more than half the battle of finding the answer.” If you want to be successful and reach your leadership potential, you need to embrace asking questions as a lifestyle. Because you only get answers to the

  This week, I’ll not be releasing a new episode of the podcast.   I started a 2 part series last episode where I discussed the power of asking questions as an emerging leader. I will complete that next week.   But for this week, here is something I will want you to do for

Welcome to Episode 5 of The Audacity2Lead Podcast. I’m gradually getting off the skateboard! On this episode I share 7 reasons to ask questions as a young and emerging leader. I shared this story of young Francis who came to his father one day and asked, “Why is the grass green?” to which his dad

Welcome to episode 4 of the Audactiy2Lead podcast.   The podcast focused on helping you make the leap from potential to productive performance by helping you focus your life, become more passionate with your life-task and more impactful with your influence. This episode is the third in our Building Mentoring Relationships series which we started

Oswald Chambers said, “Leadership is influence.” John Maxwell defines it more clearly when he said, “Leadership is the accurate, specific application of influence.” By Biblical standard, leadership is God’s extension to the earth through man. Throughout history, every time God wants to do something among men, He taps a potential leader on the shoulder and

I feel it is important to share this episode of the Audacity2Lead podcast with you. On this episode I continue the conversation I started with Earl Alright on episode 1 of the podcast, and we talk about building mentoring relationships with your mates and contemporaries. I’m excited the way the podcast is going. Now to

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