#02 – How to Mentor your MATES and CONTEMPORARIES with @AlrightsPassion

#AUDACITY2LEAD mentor your mates and contemporaries

I feel it is important to share this episode of the Audacity2Lead podcast with you.

On this episode I continue the conversation I started with Earl Alright on episode 1 of the podcast, and we talk about building mentoring relationships with your mates and contemporaries.

I’m excited the way the podcast is going. Now to the topic.

Who is a mate mentor?

A mate mentor is someone who is more like your peer, at the same level with you but with some steps ahead of you in that he has some advanced knowledge in areas you know virtually nothing about.

The good thing about this mentoring pattern is he is always willing to share with you what he knows.

What amazing benefits does a mate mentor relationship offer you?

  1. By proximity, you better enjoy access.
  2. By belonging to your tribe, you enjoy close relationships as you share time
  3. Deeper understanding of situations surrounding you

Who is qualified to be your mate mentor?

If you ever thought about this after listening to episode 1, then this answer will help you.

Downsides of mate mentor relationships

Respect and value issues.

Due to availability and free access, you may forget to appreciate the mentoring you’re receiving from a mate-mentor.

Unlike the downside of mentoring relationships with superiors where the mentee is disadvantaged, in mate mentor relationships, the mentor loses because you’re taking him (the mentor) for granted.

And if the case is turned in your direction, you’re taken for granted.

Bettering a Mate Mentor Relationships

3 keys are shared on the podcast:

  1. Respect
  2. Honor
  3. Appreciations

Let me hear from you: How do you better a mate-mentor relationship differently from what we discussed on the podcast?

Leave your answer in the comment section below.

And please share the podcast with your friends and network. Who knows, you might change the definition of a relationship you already have with someone by that.

If you have questions, remember to use the voice message option so you and several others could hear your voice on the podcast.


Mentioned on the podcast:

John Obidi

Segun Akiode of Nuggets4Nobles

Semako Jinadu

Bukola Mojibola Jegede

Godward4u on twitter

Onyekachi Non-Conformist on twitter


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