Let’s talk about overcoming fears you have around love, marriage, and family. Let’s start with a quick question: Do you battle with uncertainty and nervousness that you’re not with the “right” partner – that you’re “settling” and there’s somebody “better” for you out there? Do you worry that you don’t love your partner enough, that […]

Here at Audacity2Lead, every year, we take some time to reassess everything we experienced in the previous year. Last Sunday, we had a team meeting, and from that meeting we recounted several of the things we enjoyed in 2018. Some of them included: Launching of my book, Limitless Courage And Confidence: Evidence-based Strategies for Overcoming Fear and Living Free from Anxiety. Hosting the podcasting panel session at

A sex therapist recently asked me about how I would resolve “performance anxiety in sex,” and I replied, “I would ask questions, and run assessments before anything else.” He told me almost immediately that I don’t know anything. I replied, “Thank you. What were you expecting to hear or read from me?” He said again,

Fear of God or spiritual fear? Which of these do you already know are influencing you? Let’s find out. One day, sometimes last year, I saw a video, in which the narrator made a statement that has stuck with me till today. He said, “Fear is the oil that keeps the wheel of religion spinning.”

How fear works in the brain is still mystery to many. Your brain is an extremely complex organ that has so many things happening in that it’s hard to completely comprehend, but what happens in your brain when you get scared? Uniquely designed by God, our brain is the first place fear is triggered in our

Okay… Seriously, why did you decide to start a podcast in the first place? Was it because you wanted to feel good about what others would say you? Was it because someone was doing it, and you ought to be podcasting too? Was it because you didn’t have another way to reach more people since

Sometime ago, I learned a few hacks from Keith Griffis about how to cue your mental state into productivity. Since then it has helped me in my journey. I came across it recently and thought it will be helpful to you.   Your brain is an amazing tool. It is so in tune with what

According to Greek history, the word “arete” is “excellence of any kind.” As a podcaster, it will interest you to know how to live with arete as you do what you’re set out to do. Arete (Greek: ἀρετή), in its basic sense, means “excellence of any kind”.[1] The term may also mean “moral virtue”.[1] In its earliest appearance in Greek, this

In March, after the Audacity2Lead website was down and all updates were lost, I just quietly packed up and wanted to go away. I got in touch with Daniel Ilemona Musa, the CEO of WeHost, and in a couple of hours, he helped me bring up the site to where it was last backed up –

Audio feedback problem is one of the many you’ll experience while recording your podcast. Here’s how I helped some students solve it. A few weeks ago, while working with students in my 4 weeks podcast coaching program, one of them asked a question that usually I’d thought everyone should know, it had to do with setting up

In working with different clients in regards to their podcast, I have noticed most of us fall into 4 podcast stereotypes, whether we are trying to start or already running one. I decided to share this information with members of my podcast network over a 4 day period, and the feedback was great.  Here are some: While all

Whatever platform you build is to fill a need a market has. It becomes a niche over time. Being able to design the solution for that niche helps you to stand out. In this episode of #Audacity2Lead, you will learn what it means to design a solution people want as you build your platform. When I talk about

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