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Here at Audacity2Lead, every year, we take some time to reassess everything we experienced in the previous year. Last Sunday, we had a team meeting, and from that meeting we recounted several of the things we enjoyed in 2018. Some of them included: Launching of my book, Limitless Courage And Confidence: Evidence-based Strategies for Overcoming Fear and Living Free from Anxiety. Hosting the podcasting panel session at…

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A sex therapist recently asked me about how I would resolve “performance anxiety in sex,” and I replied, “I would ask questions, and run assessments before anything else.” He told me almost immediately that I don’t know anything. I replied, “Thank you. What were you expecting to hear or read from me?” He said again,…

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According to Greek history, the word “arete” is “excellence of any kind.” As a podcaster, it will interest you to know how to live with arete as you do what you’re set out to do. Arete (Greek: ἀρετή), in its basic sense, means “excellence of any kind”.[1] The term may also mean “moral virtue”.[1] In its earliest appearance in Greek, this…

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In March, after the Audacity2Lead website was down and all updates were lost, I just quietly packed up and wanted to go away. I got in touch with Daniel Ilemona Musa, the CEO of WeHost, and in a couple of hours, he helped me bring up the site to where it was last backed up –…

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Audio feedback problem is one of the many you’ll experience while recording your podcast. Here’s how I helped some students solve it. A few weeks ago, while working with students in my 4 weeks podcast coaching program, one of them asked a question that usually I’d thought everyone should know, it had to do with setting up…

buy viagra online india Podcast: Download You can also listen on: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | RSS | More Whatever platform you build is to fill a need a market has. It becomes a niche over time. Being able to design the solution for that niche helps you to stand out. In this episode of #Audacity2Lead, you…