Hosted by Dayo Samuel, founder of the Nigeria Podcast Network, #Audacity2Lead is dedicated to helping emerging thought leaders get focused, get started and be impactful with their message. In very educative conversations and interviews you will discover tips, steps and strategies to help you chart a compelling course for your life, business and leadership. Topics include coaching, consulting, personal branding, platform building, personal leadership, calling, life tasks, and everything you need to know to lead with more influence.

Isn’t it time you started some profitable endeavours? On this episode I’ll show you how to run your calling – profitably – in 5 steps.   ON THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO RUN YOUR CALLING PROFITABLY: About when I first started #Audacity2Lead, and for a couple of months I kept teaching, training and all […]


I’m excited to share this episode with you today, because what I’ll teach – 4 reasons you’ve been underperforming – kind of forms the main emphasis of this podcast for this year. Everything I’ll be doing on this podcast this year will have this 4 basic element to it; the interviews, the live shows, the Q

core message

Figuring your way through how to connect everything you do together as one? Here’s how a core message will help and exactly the steps to take to create or find your core message. ON THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: What a core message is How to find your it through a difference you already have and a big idea you

Authority is built through influence. Influence results in authority. Want to build influence and authority in your field? You need to answer these three questions. Read on to find out, and listen for details. Today I want to take you behind the scenes of Audacity2Lead, and let you in on my secret formula to building influence


If you’re launching your platform, whether as a speaker, coach, consultant, or whatever delivery models you choose, it is very important you understand what I’m about to teach you on this episode: how to up level your positioning with a product.     First, it helps you manage the level of personal involvement you have

janiele lewis legacies of health

Who you are is what you’re passing on to the world, be it your lifestyle, what you’re saying – good or bad. When you become conscious of the ripples you create around you, then you’ll be better able to lead with more influence. This episode of #Audacity2Lead, I’m joined by Janiele Lewis, and here you

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