4 Major Things I Learnt At Excellence In Leadership Conference 2015 Plus A Conference You Should Attend This Month

Conferences are great for me especially when they have to do with a direction I’m heading at a stage of my life.

What I am today is a reflection of deposits made from all of them and personal inputs from people.

#AUDACITY2LEAD excellence in leadership conference 2015

Last year, 2014, around this same time, I met with Victor Bassey, and we talked which eventually led to me hiring him to help me redesign my business system.

Last week at excellence in leadership conference at Daystar, the same place we met a year ago, we got together, and one of the things he said was, “See what you have become in one year.”

Now this year is my third time of being at ELC, my first being 2012, then 2014, 2015.

Today on Audacity2Lead, I want to share with you 4 key things I learnt from this last conference, and recommend a conference to you.




4 key things I learnt at the excellence in leadership conference as taught by each speaker:

  1. Ownership (Poju Oyemade)

Take ownership of what you have.

  1. The power of stories (Kunle Afolayan)

Everything he taught were embedded in the stories he shared. He didn’t say point one, point two. He simply told stories un-end.

  1. Media as a catalyst (Victor Oladokun)

He shared something amazing and as a podcaster you will hear how you you have better advantage.

  1. Leadership (Victor Adeyemi)

Excellence… a better way to do what you do. In his presentation, he made a statement that caught my attention, “if you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”

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As he taught, he used an analogy of Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs.

Originally, they are 5 motivational needs: Biological and physiological; Safety and protection; Social; Esteem; and then, Self-actualization, which is where realizing personal potential is found.


  • Victor Bassey
  • Gabriel Olatunji Legend
  • Blouwatife Adesuji Tife Inspires
  • Isaac Akinpelu
  • Wale of Oloreo.com
  • Adeola folorunsho of Fabrics & More
  • Koch Ijachi of the hip hop group DualEdge
  • Lanre Olusola
  • Matthew Adedoyin
  • Coach Sam Obafemi


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