How to Create Your Legacies of Health through The Energy of Love, Laughter & Leadership with Janiele Lewis – EP 37

janiele lewis legacies of health

Who you are is what you’re passing on to the world, be it your lifestyle, what you’re saying – good or bad.

When you become conscious of the ripples you create around you, then you’ll be better able to lead with more influence.

This episode of #Audacity2Lead, I’m joined by Janiele Lewis, and here you will discover what to do to create your legacies of health, wellness, love and awesomeness through the energy of love, laughter and leadership.

janiele lewis legacies of health


Janiele Lewis is the founder of Legacies of Health, she is the ‘ripple maker of wellness,’ Bioenergetic specialist, preconception doula – meaning she helps aspiring mamas and papas naturally promote and protect their fertility while protecting the short and long term health of their future baby. At Legacies of Health, Janiele uses love as a central tool to energize her clients to explore natural ways to honor their bioenergetic design, increase their holistic resilience, and co- create ripples of awesomeness.




  • To understand the power of love in 7 types
  • How the kind of relationship you have with yourself impacts the relationships you keep
  • How taking care of you creates a ripple of wellness and overall your legacies of health
  • The key roles of love, laughter and leadership in building a legacy for yourself
  • One main reason why employees leave organizations




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