Smash The Plateau: Build A Business That Aligns With Your Values. Here’s How with David Shriner-Cahn – EP 40

You go high enough till you hit a plateau, then you begin seeking new methods and strategies, so you can smash the plateau and reach new levels of success. What would it take for you to do that?

#AUDACITY2LEAD smash the plateau

Welcome to this episode of Audacity2Lead. My guest today on the podcast is David Shriner-Cahn and he shares how you can take the limits off the levels of success you’ve had, smash the plateau and build a business that aligns with your core values.

David is the President of TEND Strategic Partners. Host of the business podcast, Smashing the Plateau, featuring leaders helping leaders break through barriers. He works with CEOs of successful companies that keep hitting roadblocks. He created the TEND System™ to reduce stress, decrease costly mistakes and identify, find, integrate and manage the resources companies need to smash the plateau and drive success.


  • How David got started in business. How he came to found Tend Strategic Partners and of course, Smashing the Plateau podcast.
  • The difference between being a coach, a consultant and a project manager.
  • When you hit a plateau, what steps to take to breakthrough and create greater success
  • How your core values help you create the path you take your business.


  • Success is very personal. It is different from person to person.
  • The key to being successful is simply taking consistent massive action.
  • You can’t plan what you want to do today unless you want to know where you want to end up.


Remember to Get Focused, Get Started, and Be Impactful.

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