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Leadership is not about titles and positions, neither is it about tribes, tongues or the supremacy of nations. It is basically about your individual ability to influence others in the direction you are going. Biblically, leadership is God’s extension to the earth through a man. By that, I mean God reaching a people, a nation,…

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“One major facet of the beauty of the local church is its power to transform the human heart,” says Bill Hybels. What government do is very important. I agree its a noble, noteworthy task. Public service is an honourable vocation. But politicians, no matter how sincere their motivation, can only do so much. The real…

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There is a statement I saw in my Bible one day, and it reads “God put you together, and provide you with everything you need to please him….” As I began to think on what this means I realize that everything you need to succeed and be who God wants you to be is already…