I have worked with several young leaders, both privately and in groups, in the last couple of years.

Many of which have had a message to share, a view that is so important that I always say “Someone needs to know what you know.”

But most of those times, these leaders don’t seem to see reasons with me why I recommend that every leader needs a blog – even if it is a free blog.

Some say they don’t have the time for anything blogging.

Somehow it could be because they’re naive. Lol…. 🙂

In this post, I want to share with you 5 reasons why you should step forward in your leadership development by having a blog.

A few years ago, the best way to be a thought leader is to have an influential social media presence.

With the new trend in social media, especially with Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms, a social media presence alone is not sufficient to lead people.

So here are my reasons. I will want to know if you agree or disagree with me by sharing your thoughts below in the comment section.

1. A blog gives you a cyberspace where you can shape people’s perceptions and realities.

If you’re building a personal or organizational brand, having a platform especially a web space is very, very important. Nigeria presently, is in the rave of personal brand building, and a blog is one way to show off your brand to the world while you contribute to the mental revolution happening.

2. Leadership is change.

And that change happens most effectively through conversations. People would be glad if they find someone who can give them a platform to air their views. As the conversations grows and since you’re the leader, you can drive the conversation towards your intended end. This is one of the several things you can do with your blog.

3. New market is content-driven.

Gone are the days of sales page or landing pages. Though they still exist, through a blog you can answer people’s questions, interact with them, show them why you recommend they buy from you, and finally convert them from raving fans to paying customers.

4. Blogging helps you improve your communication skills.

As a leader, communication is the lifeblood of your calling. Being able to speak and write well should be important to you. What happens when you embrace blogging is that you will begin to see that your writing over time will improve, so does your speaking.

5. A blog helps you build relationship with people beyond the social media outlets you may have.

If you do your blogging well, what you find is that every post you write has some interaction coming from the people in your tribe – people who have given you permission to speak to them. Some days ago, I got referred to a lady on twitter for the launch of this blog coming up in June. As I tried to chat her up, without my notice, she went to check out my blog, and then – only then, did she give a reply. If I didn’t have any presence apart from twitter, there wouldn’t have been anything to prove my authenticity, and I would have lost that precious connection.

So how do you begin?

1. Start with a free blog where you can share your thoughts, ideas and insights. I recommend WordPress because you will want to upgrade later.

2. Themify your blog. Install a good looking theme in your blog, most of which you can get for free.

3. Load your blog with good content. This is what will draw people to you.

4. Make your content social. Give people opportunity to share on their favorite social media to help you get the word out.

So how do you see my 5 reasons? There may be some reasons I don’t know, but you can add your in the comment section below.

Looking for some very detailed help, click here to get started.

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  1. lol…thanks sir. this is a nice advice. am enjoying blogging right now. I love the fact that its a start for me and folks read and getbinspired too… like am reading yours right now lol

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