Leadership is not about titles and positions, neither is it about tribes, tongues or the supremacy of nations.

It is basically about your individual ability to influence others in the direction you are going.

Biblically, leadership is God’s extension to the earth through a man.

By that, I mean God reaching a people, a nation, a tribe, an area with a definite plan and purpose through a man who shares that same plan with him.

When asked “What is leadership?”

People always answer, “Responsibility,” or they say, “Influence.”

Both are correct in the sense that responsibility is what God confers on a man once he aligns with the plan; influence is what the man exerts as he carries out that plan.

If you would like to know what drives your life, read this post.

What Drives Your Leadership?

Daniel Harkavy of Building Champions said,

“In many ways, great leaders are just like great race cars. They need high-performance fuel to keep them charging around the right track. They can have all the high-tech gadgets and brilliant systems and superb ‘pit crews’ available but unless they fill their tanks with the right fuel, they’re not going anywhere.”

This tells you that the first place to begin your leadership drive is to check your inside – what is driving you.

External drivers, as important as they are, are sometimes not as powerful as those that drive us from within.

Motivation is a fire from within. If someone tries to light that fire under you (externally), chances are it will burn briefly. Fire that burns within you is difficult to quench.

Most successful leaders have been found to be driven by these 4 things, and I bring them to you today: Vision; Conviction; Courage; Wisdom.

1. Vision:

Vision is at the core/heart of every leadership drive. “Without vision, the people perish.”

A leader, by reason of vision, takes people to a destination.

Leadership is not about willing to go where your vision leads, it is you being able to lead people in the direction of your vision.

You remember, “Write the vision and make it plain, so that he that reads it may run with it?” Your role as a person is to initiate vision pursuit, your role as a leader is to help others find what to run with.

Let me say it this way, “Initiate the pursuit of your vision, lead others to follow you, and you will multiply your success rather than running your vision alone.”

There is a huge difference between having people attached to a vision and having people attached to the visionaire.

If you lead people to follow your vision, your vision outlasts you. If you lead them to follow you, when you exit your existence on the earth, your vision dies along.

Vision is one of the most powerful driving forces because it shows what to do and who to become right from the beginning.

2. Conviction:

A conviction goes deeper than a mere value (even core values)

Competence of a leader is not as paramount as his convictions. Convictions compromised, on the other hand, results in tarnished character.

A value for people above ‘systems’ is one conviction every young leader needs. We are in a time when leaders want to be seen and heard at the detriment of hitting people over the head.

God is in the business of people. People are worth developing.

Knowing that you influence not only your future but also the future of others should inspire you to lead well by developing rock solid conviction now.

Leadership requires you maintain high standards of Truth, Honesty, and Integrity.

3. Courage:

Courage means stretching beyond your comfort zone even when the territory you are in is enjoyable enough. This is actually, your Audacity to Lead.

4. Wisdom:

How effective your leadership will turn out is highly dependent on how much of wisdom you have – AND EXHIBIT.

I know you have the mind of Christ, and you have the wisdom of God, those are undisputable –if you are a believer, that is your inheritance. You don’t pray to have it, you already have it.

But do you know that understanding is not about spiritual stuff alone? Understanding is taking spiritual truth and applying it in a natural world. Wisdom is acting it out not mere confessions.

If there’s anything I want you to note, it is that wisdom is primarily for young people much more than old folks.

I heard John Maxwell say sometimes back, “When you are young, you are full of energy but lack experience. But when you’re old, you have experience but you lack energy.”

God in his awesomeness and creativity has packaged so much into you to help accomplish all that he has called you to do. But when we don’t understand such things, we either fight them or abuse them.

As a free gift to you today, here is a live audio recording of today’s topic, “What drives your Leadership” Click to download: https://db.tt/EhDuMjlr (no sign up needed)

Now let me know if this resonates with you 🙂

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  1. A well written article I must say. Quite explanatory and easy to understand. The 4 components listed are really what everyone aspiring to leadership should imbibe. Thank you.

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