what drives your life?There is a statement I saw in my Bible one day, and it reads “God put you together, and provide you with everything you need to please him….”

As I began to think on what this means I realize that everything you need to succeed and be who God wants you to be is already put in you by God.

God equips you to fulfil his desire for your life, by working in you, putting and placing things in you necessary for walking in His plan for your life.

Everything God will do through you, He will plant the seed within you. And to move your life forward, those things become ‘drivers’ for your life.

There are Internal Drivers and External Drivers.

But in this post, I’ll focus on those that drive your life from within.

To whom you yield determines where you head, and how you lead.

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Let me talk about how God powers our lives from within in 3 simple yet ignored ways.

These are keys to your audacity to lead

a. WORDS: “Arise, get down to that city and start so and so…. This is the time for you to up your game….”

This is more like a clear call to action. Words clearly spoken to get you moving in a certain direction.

b. PICTURES: An example is when God paints a picture of you to yourself standing before a million people, with a Bible in your hand…

Or he paints a picture of you travelling with suitcase and you appear like a business man…. Here you have visions, dreams, and maybe visual encounters.

c. IMPRESSIONS: This is the commonest.

Here he doesn’t say a word, or show you a picture, but he plants the future inside of you in the form of desires, motivation, inspiration, ideas, etc. Because there are no words involved, young people tend to ignore this side because we are more attracted to things and not abstracts.

Words seem to be what many of us like most, because we can confidently say, “God told me this…” When it comes to pictures and impressions, which is what God uses most of the times, the responsibility is on us to interpret and to interpret them appropriately.

Why am I saying all of these?

It is because they are so important to becoming all that God wants you to be.

God will not work out in your life, what he has not worked within your heart.

God will not work with your hands, what he has not worked in your heart, either.

Many times, young people pray to God to use them, to do marvellous things, but they ignore the promptings and nudgings God implants within them in the name of looking for a vision, a dream, and all that.

I will like to say this at this point: Don’t use the story of someone you are looking up to in ordering your life.

That is how God wants his life to play out and played it had.

Your life is just beginning, and there are many more things God still wants to accomplish with your life.


Embrace these drivers, they really are your audacity to lead.

This is your life, go make it count!

So I want to know: What would you say drives your life? Which of these 3 things drive your life? Drop your answer in the comment box below

Need to focus your life on any of these drivers? Talk to me

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