“One major facet of the beauty of the local church is its power to transform the human heart,” says Bill Hybels.

What government do is very important.

I agree its a noble, noteworthy task.

Public service is an honourable vocation. But politicians, no matter how sincere their motivation, can only do so much.

The real power that can get to the real problem of mankind is the power that exists in the love of Jesus Christ, the love that conquers sin, wipes out shame, heals wounds, reconcile enemies, patch broken dreams, and ultimately changes the world, one life at a time.

Do you remember a time shall come when the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be exalted above the tops of the nations?

Do you also know that NOW is that TIME?

God wants you to lead!

To do this, he does some basic things which I call “Basics of Godly Leadership”.

  • God gives vision.
  • He provides strategy(ies).
  • You communicate it to others who will become your team mates.
  • God then allows the vision and strategy to mix with your personality so you can deliver your unique leadership assignment.

If you understand this, it helps you develop on the other details of deploying your leadership.

Let me discuss these further.

  • GOD GIVES VISION FIRST. Vision is simply an inside picture that elicits passion on the outside. At the heart of every God-ordained leadership is a passionate heart-seated vision that compels you to focus your energies on pursuing its fulfilment. God gives vision first because He knows the end from the beginning. In order to guide your life, he unveils the end even before you take the first step.
  • GOD DOES PROVIDES STRATEGIES NEXT. Vision on its own will never be fulfilled without a strategy or strategies to accomplish it. Don’t make the mistake of saying, “If God gives me a vision, I have a strategy to accomplish it.” That on its own will make God let you create the vision yourself. But if you allow God birth the vision within you first, he is not a ‘confusionist’, he’ll provide the needed strategies to get it done. (NOTE: Sometimes you have to come up with the strategy too. Do you agree?)
  • IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO COMMUNICATE THE VISION TO OTHERS. God won’t tell others everything he told you, he’ll only give them flickers. I know this is where misunderstanding usually occur when you blow a vision so big that the people you’re sharing it with begin to wonder, “Where do we start from?” There is a simple secret of vision communication: Keep it simple and honest. “God wants me to start so-and-so. I don’t have all of the resources to begin with, but I want you to join me.”
  • YOUR PERSONALITY MIX. We all lead from who we are, basically. God created you the way you are so as to use you accomplish a unique purpose. Your personality mix therefore will be what will make you different from other persons doing the same thing you’re doing or called to do. Your personality includes your temperament your background, your mind-set, your life philosophy, and most especially your spiritual wiring.
  • THIS BECOMES YOUR AUDACITY TO DELIVER YOUR UNIQUE LEADERSHIP. Your pastor cannot do what he does the way you will do it, neither can your mentor. YOU ARE YOU! That’s why your leadership is unique. I’ll advise you bring all of these basic components together, start from where you are, grow from there, and deliver your unique leadership calling.

You were born to lead.

I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU: Do you have a vision God inspired? Are you sharing it effectively? Share your story with us How do you know when you have a genuine vision? In which way have you been able to communicate your vision effectively? How did you do it? Drop your answers in the comment box below

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