Quick note: A major challenge I know most emerging leaders like you are facing is the lack of platforms of expression. So this month is going to focus on helping you build or launch a platform online. One of the things that made 2014 an interesting year for me was my decision to launch my platform. […]

If you have been looking to launch an online coaching, consulting or training business, look no more, this episode is for you. First, I met Thomas Fulmer through a coaching course I took which was taught by Jeffery T. Sooey of Master Coach University, and we connected and today I have him on the podcast to share with

You are on a quest. You want to make a difference. You want to be seen and heard. You want to be recognized. There are people who will make that happen for you. This is your TRIBE. If this is all I’ll write today, I think I’ve tried. My intention is to let you in

We kick this year off with a very inspiring conversation with Ben Kubassek, best-selling author, and CEO of multiple companies. Ben achieved all of the financial goals he set for himself at the age of 27, and then had a burnout, which led to discovering his life task, message and passion. Ben, who is 56

The moment between your breakthrough and massive failure is a large stone which you have to push away for success to be achieved. Push it, don’t quit and success will be yours for the taking. Once upon a time there was a king in ancient Israel who had many adversaries who sought to kill him

You have been told to stop doing the work you hate and start doing what you love. The question is: where and how do you get started on that route? Today, on this episode of the Audacity2Lead podcast, we decided not to shy away from this avoided topic of living a meaningful life while doing

Welcome to the launch episode of the Audacity2Lead podcast. I’m excited to finally get started with the podcast after so many months of pushing myself and dragging my feet. I am just like you. On this episode, I got talking with my friend Earl Alright, president of the Alright’s Passion, a relationship and marriage counselling

Hello there, it is so great to be here at the #Audacity2Lead tweet conference, I hope we all have great reward for time invested. Let me start by saying that I belong to the school of thought that believes that greatness is intentional. Greatness is not the same as success. Africa has produced several successful

Leadership in its simplest definition is influence. Much more than that, is that it is the right application of influence. But I believe leadership is more than influence. It involves the pursuit of purpose as evidenced by vision and convictions. If you have a message, a passion for change, one way I’ve found for you

“I don’t want my son to walk with that guy.” “You are not a good friend.” Those are statements you probably have heard or said at one time. Now read this… Ene is emotionally starved. Needs companion. Needs attention. The only guy available is Terhemba. Ter is a pack of pranks – and negative ones

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