#01 – Building Better Relationships with MENTORS @AlrightsPassion


Welcome to the launch episode of the Audacity2Lead podcast. I’m excited to finally get started with the podcast after so many months of pushing myself and dragging my feet. I am just like you.

On this episode, I got talking with my friend Earl Alright, president of the Alright’s Passion, a relationship and marriage counselling organization focused on reducing divorce rates in Nigeria by tackling issues from pre-marital cases.

Today, we’re not talking about marriage relationships. We’re talking Mentor-ship.

According to Earl Alright, “A mentor is someone who coaches you in achieving a set goal with your life, talents, gifts and abilities. He is like a tourist guide who takes you round a city based on his accurate knowledge, experience and expertise of that terrain having been there himself.”

In this first of three episodes we are having together, we talked about HOW TO BUILD BETTER MENTOR-SHIP RELATIONSHIPS:

  • By first defining your life, calling and task;
  • Then finding out who has already had some results (ahead of you), whose paths you can walk;
  • Who is living the kind of life you admire;

On the podcast we asked a critical question: Is your pastor your mentor?

And that’s a question we both answered aptly.

Most times, you don’t get to have a single mentor because the phase you could be in requires unique knowledge peculiar to each mentor.

How can you mentor others as a young leader?

You mentor other young leaders through influence. You would have gathered adequate knowledge, skill and expertise to offer counsel, tips and steps that guarantee results for them if they act on what you tell them. You help them make right choices because you have pre-meditated upon and experienced the solutions you provide.

Benefits of Mentor-ship

Proper guidance

Being able to leverage on the experience and lessons your mentor has learned from the mistakes and errors they made

The Downside of mentor-ship and how to solve it

Unavailability and no time, this can be solved with internet and electrical means of communication


Mentioned on the podcast

Mentorship as defined by Semako Jinadu of Careerwise Consults Nigeria.

Earl Alright on twitter and Facebook

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