If you have been looking to launch an online coaching, consulting or training business, look no more, this episode is for you.

First, I met Thomas Fulmer through a coaching course I took which was taught by Jeffery T. Sooey of Master Coach University, and we connected and today I have him on the podcast to share with you how you can launch an online coaching business.

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As an entrepreneur, business owner, and professional speaker, Thomas Fulmer has over 18 years experience working with businesses, chambers of commerce, and professional organizations. His experiences while building 6 companies and training 1000’s  of people has taught him many lessons, including the wisdom of seeking out experts and mentors. His expertise includes Communicating Effectively Under Pressure and Conflict Resolution (otherwise known as Dealing with Difficult People) , Sales-How to Sell Without Selling and Sales Process Consulting, and Developing Effective Leaders and Managers.


  • How simple it is to get started with coaching generally, just as Tom did back in 2007.
  • How knowing people, getting out there just doing what you can do brings you more coaching clients, or startup clients by people becoming interested in what you do.
  • How you can transit from something you naturally do into what could bring you income.
  • How to get started with coaching and training generally.
  • If you work with family member, you are doing good, but if you can work with a spouse, you are doing better.
  • Steps to take to get started with online coaching: Create a solid platform; Have a very good organization; and more that you will discover on this episode.
  • Why you need to have a target audience when you’re new and getting started. In fact, do not be afraid to narrow who you’re targeting.
  • Where to go when you have to market your new coaching business.


Mayowa asked, “How do I get my first client if I’m just starting and nobody knows who I am?”


Who is in your sphere of influence? Usually people have some circle of influence and that sets certain some expectations. So what you do is look through who your contacts are, the connections they have, and assess how they see you. What you do is you pick someone who already sees you as a trusted expert in that area, and then simply reach out to them and ask for an introduction.

Second, who do you know that can benefit from whatever it is you are helping people do? And simply ask them question.

Third, create an online profile that matches what you want people to see about you. You want whatever they see should set an expectation for what to come.


  1. Coaching Solutions: Secrets to Sales Success in 2015 – Some Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Launching Online. Never forget to create a professional presence that sets the expectation for people. This is because people will look you up. Don’t start presentations too soon. Don’t waste time marketing to people who are not really your target market. Don’t be afraid to narrow who you are targeting.


  1. Look for how to build strategic alliance. Find, create, collaborate, work together with people to do things. The better you are at collaborating with people, the more effective you will be.





  • Can you help me and other listeners create something unique to us. I’m trying to create a name for listeners and followers of #Audacity2Lead, and I want you to join me in creating the name. In the comment section, you will find that I wrote this : ‘Uncrowned CEO’ as the name that is on my mind. If you agree with this name, simply comment why you do, and if you don’t, I want to hear from you. Give me ideas, suggestions and whatever. Let’s create a movement, come on, let’s do this.


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  • Timothy Ajiboye
  • Dr. Malik Haruna who launched his podcast recently
  • Iwo Akinyoyenu
  • Mayowa Ajisafe, his Authors’Crib podcast was featured in iTunes New & Noteworthy this last week

Thank you for listening to this episode. Remember to Get Focused, Get Started, and Be Impactful.

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