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A sex therapist recently asked me about how I would resolve “performance anxiety in sex,” and I replied, “I would ask questions, and run assessments before anything else.” He told me almost immediately that I don’t know anything. I replied, “Thank you. What were you expecting to hear or read from me?” He said again, […]

Okay… Seriously, why did you decide to start a podcast in the first place? Was it because you wanted to feel good about what others would say you? Was it because someone was doing it, and you ought to be podcasting too? Was it because you didn’t have another way to reach more people since

According to Greek history, the word “arete” is “excellence of any kind.” As a podcaster, it will interest you to know how to live with arete as you do what you’re set out to do. Arete (Greek: ἀρετή), in its basic sense, means “excellence of any kind”.[1] The term may also mean “moral virtue”.[1] In its earliest appearance in Greek, this

Having started podcasting in June of 2014, I have over the last months learnt a few lessons, today on this episode, I share 9 lessons I learnt from 24 months of podcasting with you perhaps you’ll find encouragement to pursue what matters to your life. It is great to be back from podcast hiatus. My

In March, after the Audacity2Lead website was down and all updates were lost, I just quietly packed up and wanted to go away. I got in touch with Daniel Ilemona Musa, the CEO of WeHost, and in a couple of hours, he helped me bring up the site to where it was last backed up –

Audio feedback problem is one of the many you’ll experience while recording your podcast. Here’s how I helped some students solve it. A few weeks ago, while working with students in my 4 weeks podcast coaching program, one of them asked a question that usually I’d thought everyone should know, it had to do with setting up


If you’re launching your platform, whether as a speaker, coach, consultant, or whatever delivery models you choose, it is very important you understand what I’m about to teach you on this episode: how to up level your positioning with a product.     First, it helps you manage the level of personal involvement you have

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Who you are is what you’re passing on to the world, be it your lifestyle, what you’re saying – good or bad. When you become conscious of the ripples you create around you, then you’ll be better able to lead with more influence. This episode of #Audacity2Lead, I’m joined by Janiele Lewis, and here you

Being able to single out your own leadership style is the key to high impact. As you go on building a platform for your leadership, you’ll express yourself in the most congruent way, it is very important you discover and develop your unique leadership style. Gary Wills, in his book, A Certain Trumpet said, “Certain leaders

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