A sex therapist recently asked me about how I would resolve “performance anxiety in sex,” and I replied, “I would ask questions, and run assessments before anything else.”

He told me almost immediately that I don’t know anything.

I replied, “Thank you. What were you expecting to hear or read from me?”

He said again, “how to resolve performance anxiety in sex.”

At that point, I began to think of what I would have done many years ago when I have such cases before me. Like many others, I would jump into giving advice, I would suggest and issue tips, even when I don’t have full details based on proper diagnosis.

I don’t do that anymore. I have learned my lessons.

Dinma Nwobi once told us a story of someone who was complaining of severe headaches. She was being offered a lot of advice, and suggestions on what drugs to take by loving and caring fellows.

An innocent comment was passed to her. Something like, “Can you take water, perhaps you’re dehydrated.” And that was the solution to the problem lots of advice didn’t solve.

What would happen if you had a doctor give you a drug without proper diagnosis?

This is why The Fear Resolve Process is not the usual. Motivation is good, but may not get fundamental problems solved. Particularly when it has to do with fears, phobias and anxieties.

In case you missed this part….

Here is How The Fear Resolve Process Works:


This begins virtually 2-3 days before class. You will be provided a guide via email that will help you observe your thought patterns and resulting behaviors so you can begin the Fear Resolve Process even before physical class starts. This alone will reduce your mental worries and anxieties about key issues in your life, and guide you on how to counter negative thinking and live free from the imagined limitations you place on yourself.

Day 1:

We uncover our fear scripts, and reprogram the movies we play in our heads. You will learn how you mastered fear. Plus a personality assessment that helps you understand why certain personalities tend towards fear.

You will unravel how to immediately change your emotional response to fear any time. With an assessment to help you understand how fear evolved in your brain. By the end of Day 1, you would have completely understood how your mind works and how it has tried to protect you (through fear) all the years of your life.

If you have fears in your relationship or finances, this is the day we break down how to move forward.

What You’ll Experience on Day 1:

  • Root Cause of Fear Discovery & Assessments
  • Fear Scripts
  • Removing the Mental & Emotional Blocks That Hold You Back
  • Fear Behaviour Sequence in Practice
  • Life Journey & TImeline Therapy
  • Understanding Why We Fear The Things We Fear
  • Winning the Inner Game of Fear
  • Fear Reframing Exercises
  • Letting Go of Past Hurts, Anger and Pain
  • Brain Workout Sessions

Day 2:

You learn to take back your life as you receive tools and techniques that help you finally break the frame of fear, phobia and anxiety. You will learn to identify what things make you jittery and fearful as well as develop mastery over the things that trigger anxiety in any area of your life.

Uncover how your brain is tricked to notice more negativity in life rather than positives, and learn to use that as your fuel for success. To be precise, you will be able to differentiate between fear, phobia and obsession, and be able to nip it in the bud once it sends its signal to your brain.

We end this day with mastering the language of fear and confidence, as you are guided to effectively overcome your ‘critical inner voice’ which is central to all areas of life: personal development, healthy relationships, self-esteem, and career success.

Some of The Things You’ll Experience on Day 2:

  • The 2 Main Types of Fear
  • Phobias and Obsessions
  • Polarization & Cognitive Distortions
  • Discovering your Frame of Reference
  • Tracing Your Personal Fear Patterns
  • Fear of Intimacy
  • Triggers and Anchors
  • Mastering the language of fear and confidence
  • Relaxation Exercises
  • Brain Workout Sessions

At the end of this 2-day course, you would come out fully armed and ready to take on the world because you no longer have the fears you used to.

The Results?

You will unlock the secret, limitless courage and confidence within you so you can do the things that matter to you, personally and professionally.

You will find out more about The Fear Resolve Process here

You don’t have to live in fear any longer. You don’t have to let what has stopped you all your life stop you any further.

Too many people let their past dictate their future…

They are prisoners of a story that they never wrote, a story that happened by accident. A story that now influences them…

It’s time to take back control of your life, your decisions, and BE YOU!

Will you let that happen? Let me welcome you to The Fear Resolve Process…. http://Audacity2Lead.com/fear-resolve-process

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