My Exact Podcast Mic And How You Can Get It For Yourself

UPDATE: Now you can get a brand new professional microphone for your podcast right here.

A few days ago, I mentioned how I started my podcast right here in Nigeria with a gadget of just N1,500 (about $8) and that got some people excited.

Today, I want to let you in on the podcast mic I used immediately after that.

As I began to enjoy the podcast foray, I also began to want a better sound quality, and to look a little more professional.

I then decided to look for another mic online, and to my surprise, the mic actually cost me less than a birthday cake.

Before I go into the details of that, I want to let you know that it’s very good to have a quality podcast mic. I’m an advocate for great sound as you must have noticed. Crocky, whack, Ahuja’ed sound is not my thing‎.

But I also understand that getting sweet sound doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

In fact, what I’m going to do is order a number of the ‎mic I’m going to tell you about, and you can purchase one or two for yourself from the stand at One Day Podcast Launch Workshop. Or you can use the link below to pre-order it.

Okay, a secret…

Actually, I got this particular mic for free because an uncle of mine had heard me say I would be changing my mic, and because he was ‎ordering some audio-related products online. He got 2 and gave me one.

This mic (as seen in the picture) is what I’ve used‎ from episode 20 up to the recent one – 26.

It’s a great mic that I actually really enjoyed using since it didn’t occupy any space, and I can just plug it into my laptop mic jack any time I want, wherever I find myself.

It’s the exact mic I’ve been using for most of my interviews.

Here, however is my review of it:


  • It is a condenser mic‎ and works well with two or more people. I did some recordings with Kunle Olomofe when I wanted to test this, and the result was some very impressive sound.
  • Primarily for voice and not for singing purposes. Except you have some techniques around that.
  • Produces a great sound for the normal human ear when you speak directly into it.
  • Works far better when recording from a quiet place (silent room or a padded environment)
  • It’s a plus when you’re recording in a public place, as it picks sound‎ in a way that makes listening a delight (creates some form of ambience). Episode 25 with AC Fuller is an example: http://audacity2lead.com/25
  • It doesn’t consume your laptop power – does not use any at all
  • My special liking for the mic is that you can use it on the go. It has 36 inches cord length and can extend beyond where your laptop is thereby making you free to dance (if that’s how you choose to record)
  • The mic has metal lapel clip which makes it hook firmly anywhere you fix it.
  • The 3.5mm jack is mono input, which means it sends sound into PC in only one channel. This works good because you can export or save your final audio file as stereo. ‎You may also choose to switch your recording software to stereo, but I don’t think there’s any difference.


  • ‎You will need to place it firmly to get good sound coming into it from your mouth as when you hold it, your hand will be producing some scratchy sound
  • You will need a pop filter to use it best, as it is a condenser mic and pops when you speak into it. However what I did was to cover it with a face towel or handkerchief whenever I have to use it.
  • Does not come with a stand, so you will need to attach it to your shirt to use and if you don’t use such before, the rattling sound from your shirt might be a headache. What I did in my case was to construct a plastic stand for it because I didn’t want my sound to be bouncing off.
  • My laptop has a power cable issue that produces a loop sound anytime I connect this mic while powering it. Otherwise, it doesn’t have any loop.
  • As mentioned in the pros, it produces great sound when you speak directly into it, but not so great sound when you speak beside it. Even though the difference is not that noticeable, it only reduces the depth of your voice unlike from the front of the mic. So you might take that into consideration any time you want to record.

Asides these, I think it’s a good condenser mic that you can start your podcast journey with.

Here’s the link if you’re interested in pre-ordering it :https://goo.gl/wQ4rDz

UPDATE: Due to the multi-request for the mic, there is no pre-order any more, you can now order a professional podcast microphone directly from Konga right here

What would I say is the difference between this mic and the headset I started with?

It is simple.

The headset is headset. The microphone is microphone.

If you listen to my podcast from episodes 1 to about 8 or 9, you will hear the sound quality. Compare that to episodes 20 upwards and see the difference in quality.

The reason I wrote this post today is so you can get started as quickly as possible.

And of course, to let you know that registration for One Day Podcast Workshop is still open. I’m only going to be taking 20 people, and will walk you through everything you need to start your own online show that gets attention and reaches your target audience. Register here: http://audacity2lead.com/1DayPL

Once again, the mic is in pre-order stage right now. If you order it, you get it during the workshop and for those who may not be at the workshop, I’ll ship it to you. Click here to pre-order yours: https://goo.gl/wQ4rDz

UPDATE: Due to the multi-request for the mic, there is no pre-order any more, you can now order a professional podcast microphone directly from Konga right here

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  1. Hi Dayo,
    Thanks for being the pace setter in Podcasting.
    I’ve followed you since your episode with John Obidi mid last year. You really are a trail blazer.
    In one of my Facebook groups I suddenly got an invitation to be a guest on a foreign podcast. So I’d be join you in the Podcast world sooner than I expected.

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