If You Don’t Start a Podcast Now, You’ll Probably Hate Yourself Later

Scott Murray, one of my recent guests on #Audacity2Lead podcast quoted Cliff Ravenscraft, the Podcast Answerman saying, “There are billions of English speaking blogs out there. But there are only thousands of podcasts.”

You can listen to my interview with Scott here

Rob Walch from Libsyn said,

“Blogger to Podcaster ratio is roughly 1950 to 1. If you are a company with a blog covering a specific subject, typically there will be 1950 bloggers to each podcaster covering that subject. Having a blog no longer separates you from the crowd – blogging is the crowd. If you want to step away from and above your peers – having a podcast is the perfect way to do that.”

Consider that for a while and you will agree with me that having your podcast is by far a better new media form of building niche authority and positioning yourself.

Rob goes further to say this,

“If you are a female blogger – the ratio is much worse or better depending on your perspective. Only 13% of all podcasters are female vs 52% of bloggers being female. That means there is a 7,800 to 1 ratio of female bloggers to female podcasters. If you are a woman blogging, then podcasting is a way for you to quickly stand out from your peers.”

If this sounds good to you, and you will want to leverage podcast to stand out in your industry now, I will like to help you. You can schedule a one-on-one podcast consulting here.

Or better…

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From what you just read, won’t you rather have a podcast now than compete for an already saturated blog space‎?

If you don’t start a podcast which is your own now that the coast is clear, you can see that you will have to strive to create a unique space for yourself later on.

By that time, it will be crowded 🙁

So go ahead and do something now!


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