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Every June 18 is my birthday. I started the celebration for 2014 on a Sunday with #Audacity2Lead tweet conference and the launch of this blog, and on the conference, I shared a little of my story. At the end of this story, I would love to hear yours. You can give me a sneak peek by sharing […]

“I don’t want my son to walk with that guy.” “You are not a good friend.” Those are statements you probably have heard or said at one time. Now read this… Ene is emotionally starved. Needs companion. Needs attention. The only guy available is Terhemba. Ter is a pack of pranks – and negative ones

Leadership is not about titles and positions, neither is it about tribes, tongues or the supremacy of nations. It is basically about your individual ability to influence others in the direction you are going. Biblically, leadership is God’s extension to the earth through a man. By that, I mean God reaching a people, a nation,

There is a statement I saw in my Bible one day, and it reads “God put you together, and provide you with everything you need to please him….” As I began to think on what this means I realize that everything you need to succeed and be who God wants you to be is already

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