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Hi, I’m Daniel Otabor and I have no position. So there’s basically no difference between you and I. Except that I understand that I can lead without having any position.

I have been running a series for some time now and Dayo Samuel a great friend of mine whom you already know and if you don’t know him, then you know him now, he told me to do something and share with you guys, because he cares for you..

Long story short, I’m going to be talking about You Too Can Lead #YouTooCanLead.

First what really is leadership and why do I believe strongly that you can lead?

Leadership is the ability for you to lead yourself effectively to the extent that people will want to follow. Meaning leadership is first personal, then public.

Will you follow you, if you were leading you?

A Chinese proverbs says, “If you think you are leading and no one is following, then you’re only taking a walk!”

My role model, Dr Myles Munroe didn’t agree with this and I know why. This was what he said; “You don’t need people to follow you before you are regarded as a leader. As long as you’re leading a purpose then you are a leader.”

Then again, if you are leading and no one is following, are you not following you?

That Said;


Discover your purpose and lead it!

“But Daniel I don’t know my Purpose – How do I discover my purpose?”

Well, to some it came easily, to others it didn’t. But just to quickly help you, find that thing you love doing even when no one is watching you or no one recognizes it. Find that thing that makes you angry when it’s done (e.g you get angry when information isn’t properly disseminated or there isn’t any valuable content. You can consider the media. 🙂

Due to my belief as a Christian, I recommend that you pray and seek God because He is your creator and he will reveal your purpose to you.

“But Daniel O! How do you lead effectively, you’re young and you’re doing all of this?”

Well Baby! I just serve effectively.

You need to understand that leaders have strengths. Establishing this knowledge, you also need to realize that leaders have weaknesses too.

But this is it, leaders understand that “Getting better every day is actually what living every day looks like.”

You telling yourself reasons why you can’t lead solely because of your weaknesses are just stoppers! You’ve got strengths too! Yes you’ve got STRENGTHS!

Focus on those strengths and how you can make them effective in usage. Focus on how your strengths can make you achieve your desired goals. Focus on how your strength can take over and be in charge.

Why worry about a mango fruit when you can actually own the tree?

Now your mind is going to run you to death if you don’t watch it.

“Watch your thoughts for they become your actions, watch your actions for they become your habits, watch your habits for they become your character, watch your character for it determines your destiny – for whatever you think you become.”

As a leader, what’s your thought content? What do you spend your time thinking about? Are your thoughts innovative? Can your thoughts produce solutions to problems?

Your mind is the seat of government of your deeds. Your deeds produce results.

Results attract followers.

When Sandra Day O’Connor graduated from Stanford Law School, she was turned down for interviews by over 40 Law firms because she was a woman.

In 1981, she became the first woman appointed to the United States Supreme Court.


They keep coming back for more. They don’t “Fizzle Out.” To become, you must be formed!

Helen Keller (1880-1968) became deaf and blind before her second birthday. Despite this debilitating disability, she learned to read and write, and became the first deaf blind person to gain a Bachelor Degree.

Do you still think you can be held back?


Quickly going back memory lane; I had a discussion with Steve Harris. He’s awesome.

On this day like always, I had a rare privilege to have a discussion with him. As he was at my office at GEMSTONE.

From our discussion, I noted that true leaders are “Voices” and not Echoes! He made me understand that really, there’s a need for growth and track records.

You can’t always regurgitate everything you take in. People need to know that they are following you and not some other person who you constantly pose as!

Myles Munroe said it this way,

“To be a leader, you must be an original.”

Always remember, you’re not in competition with anyone! You’re only becoming better irrespective of who is watching or who isn’t.

Stephen Covey Said,

“Find Your Voice.”

This One Is On The House:

Leading isn’t what attract people to you, it is the positive impact your leadership has made that does.


John Maxwell said, “Leaders know the way, shows the way, and goes the way.”

You can only know the way, show the way and go the way if you are visionary.

What do you see? What are you seeing?

Leaders are visionaries and vision is the picture of the future.

Fela Durotoye said, “The future is not a time zone that’s to come; the future is all you can be but have not yet become, the future is all you can do but have not yet done, the future is all you can have but have not yet possessed.”

And Remember I’m Daniel Otabor, I Have No Position And I’m Leading Effectively.. #YouTooCanLead.


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    1. Hey Jones, thanks. And don’t miss any of the content lined up for 2015. Part of which includes the personal stories of men and women as they share how they became successful.

  1. This is a great piece I’m happy I didn’t miss. The fact that leaders are ORIGINAL makes a whole lot of sense to me. God bless you Daniel and thank you Dayo

    1. Hey Lene, thanks for coming by. There’s so much more loaded for this new year that I won’t want you to miss. If you can, get my free book to have insider’s views on the events of the coming year. #Exceed2015 #Audacity2Lead

  2. Great article- leaders has to be original. To be a good leader you have to be yourself and it involves everything. In his new book on A-Z of wow Speaking, Fela Durotoye explained about the poor performance he once had when he wanted to speak like someone else..

    1. I quite understand that Ebrima. I once had that same challenge. Mine was, I was to speak in a church and wanted to speak like their head pastor. After I did all the drama, I got to my seat and checked my notes and saw, I only touched one or 2 points 🙂

    2. Hey ebrima, I checked out your blog. Nice one. Great tips you’ve got there. Keep it up.

      Quick tip: do you mind turning off mobile function from your jetpack settings? It makes your blog load like a wordpress site.

      Awesome work you’re doing ebrima, get going.

  3. Woahh,,stil in shock..#If u think you are leading nd no one is following you den u ar only taking a walk# Nyc one Mr Revived nd Dayo

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