Best Advice Before Leaving Your Job to Pursue Your Passion – #18

#AUDACITY2LEAD best advice before you leave your job to pursue your passion

Welcome to this episode of the Audacity2Lead podcast.

This episode would be a crunchy one for you if your consideration has been to leave your job to pursue your passion.

On this episode I asked 5 experts who I love and respect to give their best advice for someone leaving his or her job to pursue his or her passion, and I must tell you the answers are phenomenal.

I asked Emeka Nobis, Coach Sam Obafemi, Tomisin Ajiboye, Ade Olowojoba, and Mayowa Ajisafe.

One common thread with the different answers they gave is that you can have a job and pursue your passion.


  • Why do you want to leave?
  • If you leave, what will you be known for?
  • Can you or can’t you start your passion as a side gig?
  • What contingency plans do you have in place?
  • What things do you need?

For me, I started pursuing Young & Strong, my passion in 2010. In 2012, I got on board the staff of a non-profit organization. A year later, I was permitted to run that assignement alongside my paid employment.

Today, I’ve left that job and now fully focused on what I’m doing now. Looking back I learnt some lessons, which is reiterated by the different persons you will be listening to.

First is Coach Sam Obafemi, who is an Anger Management Therapist and Business Coach.

Next is Emeka Nobis, Best Life Strategist and head at Profound Impacts

Tomisin Ajiboye is the senior consultant at Idea Factory, who shared some tips way beyond the question to even starting up and running.

Ade Olowojoba, who gives the next answer is a HR personnel with Career Solutions Africa.

And finally, the thrilling story of Mayowa Ajisafe of AuthorsCrib.com.


This is the last episode for the year 2014. From 2015, we will pick up from here and introduce a number of things for your development.

If you got questions to ask, kindly tweet at the different guests and they will surely answer you. Their twitter handles respectively: Coach Sam Obafemi, Emeka Nobis, Tomisin Ajiboye, Ade Olowojoba , and Mayowa Ajisafe.


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