I mentioned earlier this year that this year I’ll do more of revealing some things in my life, and share with you how and what you can do if you find yourself in such cases.

Today is one of such.

I’m about to tell you my failure with #Audacity2Lead…

However I’ve got to ask you, “Do you really want to hear this?”

You might not like what you’re about to read.

But don’t fret…

If you read to this point, I bet you’re an audacious leader. You can stick your neck through stuff.

Maybe I’m guessing. Maybe you’re not.

Well, let me start by sincerely appreciating Terkaa of Ecilla Web who set up Audacity2Lead the first time ever.

He is the guy who has been at the hosting backend of this site for one full year. He saw how I was unsatisfied with things from the start, and how I really drove hard for excellence right out of the gate.

I remember he installed a premium theme when he setup Audacity2Lead, but I purchased another one becasue I still wasn’t satisfied. Eventually had to buy a couple of themes before I finally settled for this present one, News Pro by StudioPress.

Today, that commitment has paid off – big time. Audacity2Lead has become a global brand.

However, in every success, there’s the glut, the gory story. That side that people don’t really see from outside.

That is what I’m about to reveal to you.


First, I must reveal that Audacity2Lead as a brand was a mistake. I stumbled on it.

“How?” you may ask.

It happened that I was trying to register a domain name audacitytolead.com (which was my original idea) and in the process, I mistakenly entered that domain name somewhere and it got registered in another operson’s name. I have been trying to remember who exactly, or what till date.

So I had to create a pseudonym, and that was how I came up with Audacity2Lead.

One major challenge I’ve had with this pseudonym is that anytime I have to mention the URL, I will have to clarify that it is not ‘to’ but ‘2.’ That on its own is a problem I really don’t want you to put yourself if you are just getting started online.

What I mean by that is, don’t try to be clever with your name by creating sound-alikes. Be extremely direct with naming your brand. If you’re trying to make a word up, that’s a different case, I talk more about that in my new eBook.


Second, it is pride to wallow in ignorance and not seek help.

When I started Audacity2Lead, I really wasn’t a WordPress expert – I’m yet to be. In fact the reason I had Terka handle the site’s backend was my understanding of doing what I know to do, and outsource the rest.

The big problem was Terkaa didn’t tell me a lot of the things he didn’t know. So I had to force myself to learn. This has over time equipped me, in that I learnt on the go, on the job.

But the downside is, I wasted a lot of time.

Getting help through outsourcing to others was tough because when I started out with the blog, I was on a very low budget, and on a paid job where I was trying to make ends meet.

Now I can easily churn out dollars without a lot of headaches, but then it was really a pain to pay someone to do things for me.

Side note: As I write this, I’m about to enroll for a course on outsourcing so I can get it better.


I will never again underestimate the power of asking questions.

Talking about questions, most of the changes seen on this blog, even the growth in just one year came as a reason of asking questions.

First, it was a survey I ran to know what you – my reader – want to hear me talk about. This single decision helped me narrow my content down to more specific issues.

Second, the fact that I asked, gave me the advantage many other blogger, speaker or writer don’t have – a personal relationship with their readers.

I can proudly say at this moment that I know over 50% of my email subscribers by name, email, where in this world they live, thier particular city, the kind of work they do, their interests and passions. Some I even know the kind of mobile phones they use, and the businesses they run.

That happened because I asked.

My only mistake with this is I’ve not maximised the answers fully yet, even as I prepare to ask another series of questions.


I will use this time to appreciate everyone who has contributed to my journey with Audacity2Lead so far…

Christian Costa – who came in very early and helped me set up Amazon affiliates, did the background of this site, worked the header and some other details. He even did me a special video on YouTube to walk me through some process. Thanks Christian.

Kelvin Wealth – he was the guy who was giving me WordPress guidance along the way. When I get into a fix, I simply reached out and asked him what to do and he was always available.

Joe Pardo – I’ve only met this guy in a short time, but his influence has been awesome. With so many things we have done together, I don’t even know how to mention them. Thanks buddy. He even had me on his podcast.

Segun Israel – He is my uncle and the owner of one of Nigeria’s best SMS businesses. He’s a repertoire of tips, tactics and strategies that can quickly take a site from zero to page 1 on Google and even more. He’s been very abundant with his knowledge. Thank you sir.

Tara Ene – the babe that came and swept me off my foot. When we met, I disdained her, but that has turned into some ‘quality me-time and attention’ if you know what I mean. Thanks Tara. You have promoted this site in a very massive way, even to your over 5000 online followers . I appreciate, Teminikan.

Phillip Swindall – He is the Show Notes Guy. He was the first person to work up the sales page for my new book. I was just tired of fiddling, and he stepped in and made a quick work. I am grateful, sir.

What more can I say of Oludami Yomi-Alliyu, the best copywriter I know in Nigeria. This is the guy I recommend anytime you want to write something to sell to any audinece, any time, any where. He knows his stuff. He wore the copy for my Blog with Excellence kit and I have made some great sales.


This same Audacity2Lead that was a mistake has now become a brand bigger than myself, and I’m now open to receive new content creators for this blog. It is time to step up my game, and have more people work with me.

So if you’re interested in writing for Audacity2Lead, send me a mail: dayo@audacity2lead.com and make the subject line “Write for Audacity2Lead” and I will take it up from there.

In my next post, I’ll commence a series of daily posts with the goal of doubling the traffic and audience of this blog. Also I will reveal some other things I didn’t with this post.

If you leanrt anything in this particular post, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below. Thank you for reading 🙂

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  1. Nehemiah Webking

    Dayo, am very happy for you that your blog is changing life and growing very fast as well…when you needed my assistance am too busy for you but today seeing people whom have help one way the other makes me jealous because my name surposed to b among the ones you mentioin… Dayo, keep the fire bruning you are a true leader. Nehemiah A Webking

  2. Awwwwn…thanks for the mention and recommendation bro. It’s a real pleasure working with someone with drive and passion for changing lives – someone like you.

    Keep the fire burning, bro. More grease to your elbow!


  3. Dayo, thank you for being such an inspiration. Through you, I’ve learned that the best way to discover one’s self, and talent is to have passion to help others.
    I bless God for opening my path to meet and know somebody like you in my quest to make an impact in my generation.
    kudos bro!

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