#AUDACITY2LEAD my birthday launch


I’m getting younger, really. I’m excited about it all the same.

I want to invite you to my birthday, and to invite you as my friend and reader to really take a peep into my life this coming birthday.

My heart is really on using this birthday to load you with stuff.

This is my plan.

I’m launching my blog Audacity2Lead.com officially this June during my birthday on the 18th, but I am starting the celebration from Sunday 15th to end on Sunday 22nd June, 2014.

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My idea is to do a launching of this blog with a special conference. That is 8 days of sharing, teaching, motivating and inspiring you to step out and lead that for which you were born.

The conference is going to cover areas of focus as it relates to you, a young leader just stepping out: music, ministry, business, relationships, career, finances, etc.

In fact the schedule goes like this:

Sunday June 15th – Business/Finance

Monday June 16th – Career/Vocational

Tuesday 17th – Relationships/Family

Wednesday 18th – Sports/Education

Thursday 19th June – Politics/Leadership

Friday 20th June – Entertainment/Music

Saturday 21st June – Platform Building

And Sunday 25th, the last day – Ministry/New Media

I have written and spoken with different authors, motivational speakers, pastors, and inspiring leaders from around Nigeria to teach, counsel and share with you. So it’s going to be a complete package.

The other side of it is I’m not going to be teaching. I want to learn too.

So we’re together going to let these great guys show us how to really make the necessary leap from potential to productive performance.

But I’ll like to know what you think. What other ideas do you think I can add to the conference? In which way can I make my birthday more exciting – both for myself and for you, my friend? Share your thoughts with me in the comment box below.

Or you could drop me a voice message here

Remember, success begins really with the audacity to lead.

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  1. shami aondofa emmanuel

    If the seminar is gonna be hosted in a venue, muzik ministration should take place. Let people write anything about you to present on various days. If it’s gonna be hosted online, let muzik ministers send their songs as special bonus for every participant! Do I make sense? Jahblez

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