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I will like to share three basic things with you on how you can make money online especially where to start when you’re out of funds. This episode is based on a question I got from a listener. I go on to provide what will be required if you’ll generate any income online and quick steps to take […]

Edu-preneurship is how you turn the ideas in your head into something people will pay you for. Several people are practically clueless how to go about that. Our expert guest on this episode is Sarah Cordiner, whose purpose in life is to plague the world with change-makers, impact-creators and educators. This is to enable entrepreneurs

  Find what you like, sell it. Find what is selling, sell more of it. Which do you prefer? This episode of #Audacity2Lead was inspired by these 2 ideas about product sales, when after speaking with Mayowa Ajisafe, I posted it on my timeline on Facebook and BBM. The question generated a couple of responses,

You have been told to stop doing the work you hate and start doing what you love. The question is: where and how do you get started on that route? Today, on this episode of the Audacity2Lead podcast, we decided not to shy away from this avoided topic of living a meaningful life while doing

There are 2 assets you have. The one you invest in determines the result you get with your life. Investing in yourself is a critical way to prepare yourself for something big. Life is seed before harvest with time in-between. Whatever products or results you find in people’s lives are outcomes of certain investments, which

  I have been directly exposed to privileged ideas & businesses of over 500 People in the past 30 months. I see a pattern. We all have loads of ideas flushing through our minds. No one has a monopoly of this flush. The unfortunate part, though, is that over 80% of spontaneous ideas NEVER get

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