In working with different clients in regards to their podcast, I have noticed most of us fall into 4 podcast stereotypes, whether we are trying to start or already running one. I decided to share this information with members of my podcast network over a 4 day period, and the feedback was great.  Here are some: While all

Nigeria podcast network

If you’re looking for a community of podcasters in or around Nigeria or Nigerian podcasts, find right here.   So it happened that everyone went their several ways after we had finished the masterclass. It wasn’t funny that there was nothing organized to make them want to work together, or come together later on. We

UPDATE: Now you can get a brand new professional microphone for your podcast right here. A few days ago, I mentioned how I started my podcast right here in Nigeria with a gadget of just N1,500 (about $8) and that got some people excited. Today, I want to let you in on the podcast mic

If you haven’t yet started your coaching business, this episode will give you an insider’s secret that very few beginners know. If you have started, Marc will show you how podcasting helped him grow his coaching business. That’s not. You will learn even more… In this episode of #Audacity2Lead, I discuss with Marc Mawhinney, host

One of the great benefits of having a blog or podcast platform is that you get to connect with people who you would have never had a reason to connect with. Imagine having someone who told you they were moved by something you said to the point of crying.   On #Audacity2Lead today, Joe Pardo

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