Announcing The Nigeria Podcast Network (The Community)

Nigeria podcast network

If you’re looking for a community of podcasters in or around Nigeria or Nigerian podcasts, find right here.


So it happened that everyone went their several ways after we had finished the masterclass.

It wasn’t funny that there was nothing organized to make them want to work together, or come together later on. We had played together, and now the play has ended and everyone has to part ways.

Some exchanged contacts. Some were introverted and were on their own. And others…

Has that happened to you before?

Or maybe you saw that happened to someone you know?

In the last one year, having started my podcast on a weekly basis, it was very difficult to find anyone who was doing a really good podcast, who could guide, direct or mentor me around here in Nigeria. AND it was TOUGH!

Today, I have broken through that. With a podcast that has ranked as “Top 3 in 2 different categories of iTunes’ New & Noteworthy , “ 23 5-Star reviews on iTunes and having organised different trainings and workshop both online and offline to train speakers, authors, coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs on how to launch their successful podcasts.

Nigeria podcast networkNow I’m providing any one, every one, an opportunity to join this growing community of podcasters in Nigeria with just a click away.

My goal is to see 100 podcasts launch in Nigeria by the end of 2015, and to be a part of providing my expertise to other African countries.

If you’re looking for a community that has your interest at heart, you are welcome to join us at Nigeria Podcast Network. This invitation gets you a free access. Click here to join.

I will be waiting – or any of the admins – to welcome you 🙂

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