Visual content is on a huge rise. “34% of marketers selected visual assets as their most important content, behind blogging (45%) and before videos (19%).” according to Social Media Examiner. What if you could do this and do that to get your visual together? Usually, you take some time to create really great content, and then you’re

In March, after the Audacity2Lead website was down and all updates were lost, I just quietly packed up and wanted to go away. I got in touch with Daniel Ilemona Musa, the CEO of WeHost, and in a couple of hours, he helped me bring up the site to where it was last backed up –

Edu-preneurship is how you turn the ideas in your head into something people will pay you for. Several people are practically clueless how to go about that. Our expert guest on this episode is Sarah Cordiner, whose purpose in life is to plague the world with change-makers, impact-creators and educators. This is to enable entrepreneurs

Every content you create is an experience you’re giving to that person interacting with you. The more deliberate you are with your content, the better the experience you produce. In this episode of the #Audacity2Lead podcast, I walk you through the 6 steps to take when creating content that gets results.     If you have

  Every day, someone is thinking of a dream job. Every year, some graduates are leaving the four walls of a campus. Every month, some university students are confined to learn something irrelevant. My question is: Why are graduates a bunch of people with no specific skills? Yes, I understand you’re reading this because you’re

One thing that makes a blog and podcast effective is the ability of the host to laser-focus the niche. It simplifies the process of marketing it. Scott Roberts who is my guest on #Audacity2Lead today shares how niching his blog got him to be the most trafficked blog in the fire food category.    

Welcome to this episode of the Audacity2Lead podcast. This episode would be a crunchy one for you if your consideration has been to leave your job to pursue your passion. On this episode I asked 5 experts who I love and respect to give their best advice for someone leaving his or her job to

Welcome to the launch episode of the Audacity2Lead podcast. I’m excited to finally get started with the podcast after so many months of pushing myself and dragging my feet. I am just like you. On this episode, I got talking with my friend Earl Alright, president of the Alright’s Passion, a relationship and marriage counselling

Leadership in its simplest definition is influence. Much more than that, is that it is the right application of influence. But I believe leadership is more than influence. It involves the pursuit of purpose as evidenced by vision and convictions. If you have a message, a passion for change, one way I’ve found for you

  I have been directly exposed to privileged ideas & businesses of over 500 People in the past 30 months. I see a pattern. We all have loads of ideas flushing through our minds. No one has a monopoly of this flush. The unfortunate part, though, is that over 80% of spontaneous ideas NEVER get

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