Fear of God or spiritual fear? Which of these do you already know are influencing you? Let’s find out. One day, sometimes last year, I saw a video, in which the narrator made a statement that has stuck with me till today. He said, “Fear is the oil that keeps the wheel of religion spinning.” […]

How fear works in the brain is still mystery to many. Your brain is an extremely complex organ that has so many things happening in that it’s hard to completely comprehend, but what happens in your brain when you get scared? Uniquely designed by God, our brain is the first place fear is triggered in our

Visual content is on a huge rise. “34% of marketers selected visual assets as their most important content, behind blogging (45%) and before videos (19%).” according to Social Media Examiner. What if you could do this and do that to get your visual together? Usually, you take some time to create really great content, and then you’re

In working with different clients in regards to their podcast, I have noticed most of us fall into 4 podcast stereotypes, whether we are trying to start or already running one. I decided to share this information with members of my podcast network over a 4 day period, and the feedback was great.  Here are some: While all

Every content you create is an experience you’re giving to that person interacting with you. The more deliberate you are with your content, the better the experience you produce. In this episode of the #Audacity2Lead podcast, I walk you through the 6 steps to take when creating content that gets results.     If you have

One of the great benefits of having a blog or podcast platform is that you get to connect with people who you would have never had a reason to connect with. Imagine having someone who told you they were moved by something you said to the point of crying.   On #Audacity2Lead today, Joe Pardo

Welcome to the launch episode of the Audacity2Lead podcast. I’m excited to finally get started with the podcast after so many months of pushing myself and dragging my feet. I am just like you. On this episode, I got talking with my friend Earl Alright, president of the Alright’s Passion, a relationship and marriage counselling


“One major facet of the beauty of the local church is its power to transform the human heart,” says Bill Hybels. What government do is very important. I agree its a noble, noteworthy task. Public service is an honourable vocation. But politicians, no matter how sincere their motivation, can only do so much. The real

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