Find what you like, sell it. Find what is selling, sell more of it. Which do you prefer? This episode of #Audacity2Lead was inspired by these 2 ideas about product sales, when after speaking with Mayowa Ajisafe, I posted it on my timeline on Facebook and BBM. The question generated a couple of responses, […]

One of the great benefits of having a blog or podcast platform is that you get to connect with people who you would have never had a reason to connect with. Imagine having someone who told you they were moved by something you said to the point of crying.   On #Audacity2Lead today, Joe Pardo

  Build your platform. Reach out to thousands of souls beyond your physical reach. We’ll explore ways to do today. I’m so glad to be hosted on this platform by Dayo Samuel @iamDayoSamuel. God bless you for this awesome initiative! #Audacity2Lead At the end of this post, you get to receive a FREE BOOK titled

I have worked with several young leaders, both privately and in groups, in the last couple of years. Many of which have had a message to share, a view that is so important that I always say “Someone needs to know what you know.” But most of those times, these leaders don’t seem to see reasons

Before you put this aside that you are not a pastor, will you consider with me what it means for you to be relevant and influential in a location you find yourself? As a young person, perhaps one of the less emphasized matters of concern in your life as a Christian is your power of

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