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Photo Credit: Sergiu Bacioiu via Compfight cc


Build your platform. Reach out to thousands of souls beyond your physical reach. We’ll explore ways to do today.

I’m so glad to be hosted on this platform by Dayo Samuel @iamDayoSamuel. God bless you for this awesome initiative! #Audacity2Lead

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Have you ever taken time to look at the themes on the banners of church programmes in your vicinity?

“Anointing for Visa to Travel”, “Uncle Wetin I Do You?”, “7 Koboko Nights” and “Kill The Mosquito of Your Destiny.”

Beyond the seemingly mundane feel of the approach by supposedly religious organizations, the strategy is appealing to many.

In these times of overwhelming information overload we need to evolve ways to reach out to engage with folks strongly.

We need to reach out to connect with folks who are in sync with our messages and bond with them.

He who thinks he is leading and has no one following is only taking a walk.” ~ Malawian Proverb.

Have you been to open-air crusades? Most times wooden platforms are erected upon which the evangelist stands to preach?

The PLATFORM is symbolic in two ways – VISIBILITY and BASE. The analogy above is effectual for our discourse.

We build platforms because we need to be seen and to be reckoned with. The crusade attendees have to see the evangelist.

There are many forums where we can be seen – clubs, town hall meetings, streets, seminars – places where we congregate.

As a youth corper my community development service days were days we cut grass at the LGA secretariat’s roundabout.

So in order to meet other grass cutters (sorry, youth corpers) it was pertinent we attended the monthly meet there!

In our times, meeting someone is one tweet, one Facebook post, one BBM broadcast or one Instagram upload away.

The dynamics of human relations have changed. They’ll continue to change. Today I’ll concentrate on the “New Media”.

The internet and social media are the new village squares.

The preacher in the analogy used needs the wooden platform to stand upon and ‘shout’ his message to the crowd.

Therefore the platform must be strongly BUILT so you can stand on it and be SEEN and HEARD.

In building a platform for yourself two things are essential to note : your VISIBILITY and CONTENT.

The new media are replete with lots of avenues to build visible platforms – blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram.

Choose consciously where you can be visible. All of them don’t offer the same potential for reach out.

For example you can’t reach out to 4-year olds on Twitter or almajiris on the pages of Facebook. That’s misfiring!

You can’t build a great platform by being visible on all. Strategists advise effective engagement on about five outlets.

Everyone is selling something – service, product, an experience, a worthy cause, the gospel of salvation.

Folks usually hate being sold to. We hate salesmen for poking stuff into our faces always.

The emphasis is not to always sell. Share your message, don’t sell. By sharing, you’re selling, albeit subtly.

Attention or time are worthy variables that must be exchanged for something worthy. You must prove so!

It’s true we are selling ideas and all what not. There’s a way to sell to build.

Give out freebies – a free ebook, free advice, free mentoring sessions – whatever is cool by you.

For me I give out free BIS to folks on my BBM list from time to time. They feel great and they share my messages.

Your tweets, Facebook posts, instagram pictures are a reflection of your values, whether you like it or not.

You have to decide consciously what should be visible on your outlets. They represent your brand!

Even though you like plucking hairs from an orangutan’s nostrils, would you love to out it out there? Answer that!

Personally I don’t engage in throwing verbal taunts or hurling invectives on my outlets. That’s my cherished value.

I believe that what I retweet is what I believe in and endorse. My cherished values must be visible to my tribe.

Your content demonstrates your expertise. In this age, what people say about you is more important that what you say.

In growing and dishing out content, strive to become an authority. That’s how you can influence people.

Rather than regurgitate quotes of folks, have an authentic voice worth listening. Have your own unique slant.

Your becoming an authority is by relentless gunning for knowledge – learn all you can on your subject matter.

Do joint venture partnerships with influential folks in your field. Don’t suck up to them. Your works speak for you.

By participating in #POWER2014 with 4 other facilitators, being hosted by Sam Obafemi @sobafemi I felt the power of JVs.

By doing those tweets at #POWER2014 I had more than a thousand retweets and fifty followers in 2 days. #Audacity2Lead

Building a platform is half the battle. Engaging your audience is the long battle.

Content is crap if people aren’t engaging with it. Ask questions. Respond to comments. Like their posts and comments.

Don’t just “famz” – massage their egos or hype their half-truths, but be real and true to your values.

As a matter of personal conviction I never ask for follow back on twitter, except when I strictly need a relationship.

Via engagements followers share their experiences and connect in unique ways. Consequently they talk about your brand.

One way your content can be compelling is by telling stories. People love stories, especially stories that inspire.

Stories have a way of spurning an addicted audience. Learn the art. Your platform will grow in health and strength.

You can’t sell combs to bald-headed men nor skinny jeans to fat women. They may love them but they won’t buy.

It means your message isn’t for everyone. Stay on your own lane. Understand this and quit the fretting.

Deliver meaningful content,not necessarily to massage whims of folks. I mean meaningful,valuable content. From the heart!

Always ask : who is this for? How will we be able to get to them? Is this meaningful content/message?

Not all dogs will eat the bone you throw out on the streets, work on being great. That’s your own ride.

Social proof is when your tribesmen and women – those you’re leading show interest and share your work.

So keep delivering great content on the outlets you have chosen to expend your creative enegeries.

It takes faith, commitment, time and dedication and employing workable strategies. Keep on keeping on!

Thanks for being part of my session.


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