Warning: This post may sound off as one of my selfish write ups where I just write about my personal life. If you read on anyway, you will learn a couple of things, and a secret I have never shared publicly. Plus you will much more see into my life as of 2014.

 “Sometimes you don’t know the value of a moment until it becomes memory” – Dr Suess

#AUDACITY2LEAD milestones memories

My first post of 2015 is about my milestones and memories of 2014. This is funny after withholding this for a number of days not wanting to publish it.

You are probably as excited as I am with the coming in of a new year.

Well, for a while now, I’ve had to hear this statement over and again in different ways, “There is nothing new about the year, it is just a rolling of calendar. If there is anything new about the year, it is in your mind and approach to the change in time.”

Day to day, weeks roll by, and years increase.

We evolve.

We become who we really need to be.

We pivot and get clear on stuffs that really matter.

Personally, I have held back on releasing some parts of me, and what I do till there is a new chapter where I know others are quite as excited as myself.

This 2015 marks that tipping point.

I have a number of milestones, coupled with a lot of memories. I’ll share as many as I can remember as I write this post.


In no particular order, here are some amazing things that happened for me in 2014:

  • I excitedly left my 9 to 5 job. Did I say leave? Let me say “I was sacked.” This shouldn’t be news anymore except you have not listened to the episode of The #Audacity2Lead podcast where I shared some of that story.
  • I started a relationship with the most amazing lady I’ve met to date. And it is leading towards our getting married a few months from now. If you want to know who the ‘babe’ is, ask me in the comments below 🙂
  • 2014 made it 4 years after I started my leadership development organization, Young & Strong. In the same 2014, I did a rebrand and now I have The #Audacity2Lead.
  • I held my first largest online event. It was a Twitter conference with over 12,000 participants, and 14 guest facilitators. It was the launch of this blog, and I can say it really was a good start. The event got me noticed all around Nigeria, and opened up several opportunities to speak, coach and train people.
  • In line with that, I got paid to speak for the first time in 2014. Laugh if you want, but that’s it. If you aren’t getting paid to speak yet, I now know what is wrong. My other posts will address that. But I got paid really some huge amounts about 4 times in 2014. I expect more this year.
  • I had more opportunities to speak into people’s lives directly due to the platform I’d built online. The blog and podcast were instrumental to most of them, then I took working with these people off the blog into more direct, personal work.

Here is 2015: What will change this New Year on the #Audacity2Lead

If you remember a few months ago, when I did the first #Audacity2Lead reader survey, one of the things you told me you would want to learn about centered around having a platform; the hangs on social media, blogging, podcasting. Added to that list were other things.

2015 is that year that I’ll emphasize much more on helping you build your platform. Especially this first quarter. The goal is so you can get on stage, and speak into people’s lives, influence more people, build authority, and make some money doing what you love.

For the #Audacity2Lead podcast:

I look forward to using the podcast as a tool for sharing my knowledge, taking you through everything I know. The good news is that the podcast is already expanded way beyond Nigeria.

I will not be doing the teaching and sharing alone. I’ll be joined by guests from around the world – Nigeria included. And each guest is going to be sharing some specific insights with you to help you launch out.

This blog will run two posts per week, that is podcast plus insightful, topical post. Some of the themes like I already mentioned will include blogging, podcasting, starting or running a business based on your expertise and the likes.

Right now, I’m looking over this post and saying what is this I’m writing? 🙂

I already told you this post is more about me.

Here, anyway, is one key lesson I learnt in 2014 and I think it will guide you as you run this new year.

“Vision” doesn’t mean “goals.”

Vision is a dawning, a prophetic insight into the future.

Example is, I know in the nearest future I’m going to have a training center sitting 10,000 people. That is a vision. A goal will be, “In the next 10 years I want to have had a 10,000 training center at Holiday Inn, Makurdi.”

While vision is given by God, goals are written and designed by man.

God gives vision so you could see life from His perspective. Goals are set by you so that you can push through circumstances.

So today, some 14 days into the new year, I ask you ‘What are you chasing? Vision or goals?’

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  1. An amazing write up.
    I wish you all a fruitful 2015 as we receive our vision and set our goals for 2015. Most importantly, as we write them down and work towards them despite all odds.
    And to the “Lady”, you are in safe hands.
    All the best my brother, you are doing an amazing job touching and inspiring lives.

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