How to Live Anxiety-Free! 5 Pillars That Really Work (w/ Andrew Pearce)

Anxiety comes from the place of fear. If you know just 5 steps to live anxiety-free, would you take action on them?

Okay, so you’ve been battling different fears, let me ask you: Who do you think you need to be in order to be good enough, to belong, and to be loved?

If you could let go of who you thought you should be to embrace who you are, what will that give you?

If you didn’t need to be anyone else, who is it that you would want to be?

In this episode of Audacity2Lead, I’m joined by Andrew Pearce from Anxiety Free Living, and he walks us, in a very deep and detailed conversation, through how to make this year an anxiety-free one.

Imagine you coming to a place where you are engaged with life in your own way. Being able to be very comfortable in your own skin, being present and happy, and experiencing the kind of joy you really want. Wouldn’t you want that?

Exactly why you must listen to this episode. This is not another episode about strategy, you will discover the psychology and the physiology you truly need to live anxiety-free.




  1. Give positive meaning to mistakes and failures. Most of the time, it is not the doing or taking action on something we are afraid and become anxious about, it is the perceived consequences, how we think we would be judged that we worry about. Nothing has meaning except the meaning we give it. Making a mistake is an opportunity to learn, you either win or you learn. [Tweet “Nothing has meaning except the meaning we give it.”]
  2. Call out your fears: Getting really clear on what you’re actually fearful of. You will learn particularly how to handle this fear by facing it along with your friends.
  3. Judgment: We are judging all the time even when we are not aware of it. It creates fear of not being good enough, not belonging, not being loved, or being rejected and picked on. This could create a lot of anxiety.
  4. Attachments: Buddha said, “Attachment is the root of all sufferings,” and that comes from ego because we are attached to people, possession, places, identities, images, outcomes, things, how we think life should go or how it should be. And why the ego is attached is because we have this fear of not being enough. When you listen to this episode, you’ll find out exactly how to overcome the fear of loss of what you’re attached to so that you can live an anxiety-free life. [Tweet “Attachment is the root of all sufferings – Buddha “]
  5. Embracing uncertainties and vulnerability: A lot of anxiety comes from uncertainties. You overcome uncertainty by taking action, and getting the job done. You embrace femininity by being present in life, and not worrying about what’s going on.
  6. You will also learn how to integrate all of these pillars in your life, and how to handle the perceived consequences.
  7. How introverts and extroverts alike can be shy and anxious, and of course how they can overcome it altogether.


Anxiety Free Living website (Andrew Pearce)

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