Getting Featured in Local Media: Newspaper, TV, Radio & Press Releases (with @QueenChioma)

Getting featured in local media can literally take your business to a whole new level. It will change the perception of people about what you are really doing online. It can strengthen your voice as an authority.

Today is one of our journey interviews where we get to hear the story of someone like you doing something really amazing, and the lessons we can pick from their lives and businesses. Joining me today on the podcast is Queen Chioma all the way from the UK, and we are looking at getting featured on local media.

Queen Chioma Nworgu, MA, BA (hons) is an International Motivational Speaker, a Singer, Success Coach, TV Presenter and the Director of UK’s Dazzling Beauty. She was born and raised in Great Britain and her heritage is Nigerian. While young, she wanted to be on TV, and today she has had over 100 TV appearances across various TV Channels which include ITV 1, ITV 2, BBC, MTV, Latin TV.  She is as well a weekly Presenter and and Guest speaker on Lizzy Show Ben TV and was the TV Host and Presenter of the TV Programme on Ben TV called UK Policies for 7 weeks in 2011.



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On this episode about getting featured in local media, you’ll get to hear:

  • How at 8 years old, Queen Chioma requested to be interviewed on BBC for the Queen.
  • How her dream of being a TV personality over time evolved irrespective of her Nigerian parents who didn’t want her to.
  • How she gets to meet with celebrities and stars.
  • How she gets consistent TV interviews.
  • How charisma and confidence connect you to hosts and editors of local media.
  • How podcasters are already friends of the media if they see themselves that way.
  • How one NO can lead to several YESes.

Mentioned on This Episode About Getting Featured on Local Media:

Queen Chioma Website

Queen Chioma on Snapchat (TheQueenChioma)

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