Three of the basic things that drive all humans are: a sense of connection, competence and contribution. We all want to have a community of our own, a tribe that assured are always waiting to hear from him, see himself as an influencer, knowing he is contributing meaning fully in the lives of others.

“Tribe” as a word, could mean something different to you especially if you’re an African like me. But if you will pay a little more attention, I’ll show you how you could exert greater influence on people by building your own tribe.

Seth Godin, one of the key persons I learnt the tribe concept of leadership from says, “The secret of leadership is simple: Do what you believe in. Paint a picture of the future. Go there. People will follow you.”

Running a Google search on the word ‘tribe’ one day last year, I came across these unique statements:

Number One:

A tribe is a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.

That sounds more like an academic definition, right?

Here is the one I love most.

Number Two:

A tribe is a group of people connected to an idea, connected to a leader, and connected to each other. (I later found out that this definition came from Seth Godin.)

Jeff Goins defines a tribe as “a group of fans, friends, and followers who resonate with your view [or message].”

We all have a basic need: to connect with others.

To reduce feeling alone, have others of shared interests and passions, or maybe to expand your network, connecting with others have been a major craving of every individual – and that includes you.

What you need to know about a tribe is that it gives you an opportunity to involve people deeper than a fan base, or special interest group can.

The thing is we are constantly leading and being led.

As a leader, you have imagined a world you want to be a part of, a world worth fighting for. With this vision and all the emotion that gets stirred up in your heart, you begin to initiate.

And then people begin to show up who connect with the same idea you have. They give you a sense of belonging that people actually need what you have. This in simple terms, is your tribe.

If you would, read the last 2 paragraphs again… I’ll wait for you.

Let me break down those 2 paragraphs into chewable stuff.

How to Identify your Tribe

  1. Whether you are aware of it or not, you already have a tribe.

Your church is a tribe.

Your workplace is another tribe.

Your group of friends is another.

You have a tribe.

The question is: Do you know it? And would you be bold enough to lead them?

Jeff Goins in a blog post said, “Leading a tribe has nothing to do with being a celebrity or a rock star or anything like that. It’s about digging deep into your craft and finding a way to help people.”

If there’s anything you have started doing that helps people in some way, there is every possibility you already have your tribe. You are just not acknowledging it.

  1. As you find others who share your interest and passion, share something they love, and get their response.

This is where to begin.

Give rooms for conversations and discussions.

A very simple way to go about this step is simply to start a blog, or a podcast around something you are interested in, and watch for people who sense the same beat, who resonate with what you are saying.

These people don’t have to be hundreds of thousands. They can be a close circle, as small as a few hundreds, but you are all connected to an idea.

I’ll quote Jeff again, “The best way to find a tribe is to put something out there and see who resonates with it. I recommend writing a manifesto, a short but strong declaration of purpose, and see who connects with it.”

  1. Be Human.

People are seeking connection everywhere, and they can only connect to humans like them.

If you make yourself a robot, or a snob, people will use the exit door.

So how do you do this?

3 Simple Tips to Build Your Tribe

  1. Talk like a real person;
  2. Encourage interactions with you; and,
  3. Tell your personal stories.

Now, here some simple tips to help you build a strong interconnected tribe. But before then, consider being a part of the tribe being built here at The #Audacity2Lead. A good way to begin is to join other #Audacity2Lead tribe members here.

If leaders are servants (and they are), then finding your tribe is simply answering a calling. – Jeff Goins

If you don’t know what a calling or how to identify yours, click here. It is the key to building your tribe.

Find ways to serve and engage more people, and you will find that your tribe will be loyal to you.

What would you build your tribe around?

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  1. Hi Dayo,

    It’s great connecting…

    Your explanation of a tribe is quite clear and straightforward…even a grade kid would understand perfectly. This, I must say, is the hallmark of a great (and inspired) writer.


    It’s rather sad that though I lead a tribe, I never fathomed that was the word for it. And I must agree with you that I only came to lead by peering into the future and enthusiastically marching forward…those who believed in me followed.

    It’s as simple as that. And, guess what? My followership expands daily!

    Guess the tribe? Living the dot com lifestyle – particularly in Nigeria.

    Do make the day great!

    Akaahan Terungwa

    1. Thanks Akaahan, great to see you here. Yea, I get that feeling when you’re doing something and never know what it’s called, or how to describe it. I’m excited you found that by reading. Thank you so much for your comment.


  3. Hi Dayo,
    Great one there.
    The idea of an online tribe seems daunting to a beginner like me but the tips to building one is simply priceless. I’m building a tribe right now and it’s good to have the important things shown here at a glance.
    Thanks for being awesome.

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