How to Podcast With Very Limited Budget

One of the top 3 questions on people’s minds when it comes to podcasting is, “What kind of equipment do I get?”

Many go further to ask me, “How much of equipment cost would podcasting require?”

Well, I’m about to reveal something podcasters won’t easily tell you: “How to Podcast with very limited budget.” 

When I started podcasting June last year, I only had a made-in-China head set which had a pretty good condenser mic.

I had bought the headset while doing some video editing work for our media team in church.

Also because I was in charge of audio productions, I had to use the same headset when editing.

At the time I wanted to get into podcasting, I actually checked out a lot of reviews for mics and the likes.

Cost was a big issue then.

So I just thought let me try this headset and see how it comes out. I tried, and it came out really well.

For your information, episodes 1 to 7 or 8 of #Audacity2Lead podcast were actually recorded with that same headset.

Looking back, I realise equipment is really not the issue why people don’t get started with podcast.

It is a mindset that “podcasting is expensive.”

Asides my laptop which I’d had before then, the headset only cost me N1500, and that’s all the money I spent to get started. (If you need a mic right now, you can order one right away on Konga here)

You don’t have to have an expensive setup to have your own podcast, you just need the right set of gadgets. That was what I chose. And you can choose that too.

You don’t even have to know how to make your audio sound better through lot of editing, you can have a more technical person like I me put your podcast together for you.

This is a very minimal way to get your podcast started on a very limited budget.

If you’re looking to launch your own podcast here in Nigeria, I can help you pick the right equipment. Register for One Day Podcast Launch Workshop here: http://audacity2lead.com/1DayPL

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  1. this is a great piece and an answer to the very question that has been on my mind all wekk since i have decided to add podcasating to my motivational post . thanks alot dayo samuel.

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