My Phone-to-Blog Experiment Begins

This post is the beginning of a test I’ve decided to run this month of May. I have wanted to do it for a while, but other commitments wouldn’t allow me.

Besides, it is a test that will determine some of my claims of growing a blog within a short time.

I’m quite aware over half of the thousands of users of this site access it ‎through a mobile device.

‎So my test really is to find out how I can run this blog completely from a mobile phone for one month. This is in response to a lot of people asking me how they can blog or podcast using a mobile phone‎.

Also to test out what happens to the blog itself should I decide to post everyday.

I know it is going to be a little challenging eventually, but it is good to try rather than not.

As I type this, I’m using the email function on my BlackBerry phone, and ‎i’m just going to push the send button and see how it formats on the blog.

I’m also going to test out how podcasting can really work from phone to blog considering the side of the world I’m in.

And of course, I’m going to be reporting daily how I’m doing it.

‎So as I begin this today, I want to ask you to join me along throughout this month.

Every day, check back to find out my new discoveries and what I’ve found. I believe this will lead somewhere‎, let’s go there together.

Let’s rock this!

PS: If you have ideas about how running a blog from a mobile phone can work, I’ll be glad to have your input along as that will help others and myself learn how you run yours. All the same, it’s a good time to be alive.

PPS: One Day Podcast Launch Workshop is coming last day of this month, May 30th and I’ll be excited to have you there. Please register <a href=”audacity2lead.com/1daypl”> here‎ </a>

In case any formatting does not come out fine, please forgive me 🙂

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2 thoughts on “My Phone-to-Blog Experiment Begins”

  1. Very cool challenge Dayo! I myself started my podcast soley from my iPhone using Spreaker mobile application. I often edit, write and schedule posts to my blog using the WordPress application for iOS as well. I do most everything now on my HP laptop now, however I update, share, respond and post from my mobile device just as much. I sync each to one another.

    1. Thank you Anthony, it’s good to know that. My challenge -and the test I’m running presently, is how I can use my BlackBerry to do the podcast processes. If I had an android option, I could give that a trytoo 🙂 but I’ll be glad if you give me some more details how you did that if you don’t mind

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