Grateful for 2018. How to Enjoy Abundance in 2019.

Here at Audacity2Lead, every year, we take some time to reassess everything we experienced in the previous year.

Last Sunday, we had a team meeting, and from that meeting we recounted several of the things we enjoyed in 2018.

Some of them included:

  • Launching of my book, Limitless Courage And Confidence: Evidence-based Strategies for Overcoming Fear and Living Free from Anxiety.
  • Hosting the podcasting panel session at Social Media Week 2018;
  • Speaking at MTN Digital Content Conference on podcasting.
  • Launching (and/or expanded) new products and programs that succeeded. Example: Lasting Transformation, PowerPoint for Professionals.
  • Multiple editions of The Fear Resolve Process.
  • Massive opportunities to make a dent in the world via the diverse things we do as a team.
  • the list goes on…

As a person, I am personally grateful because 2018 was that year I went into intentional hibernation. Early in the year, I decided I wouldn’t be as loud as previous years, and I would just experiment to see if I could see as much results.

Guess what?

We recorded much more results than 2017.

Dayo Samuel facilitating the break out session on podcasting for MTN
Cross-section of panelists at Social Media Week
Dayo Samuel on stage at Social Media Week

All in all, I am – and we are – grateful for the expressions we had in 2018. Now, we’re stepping into 2019 in a unique way.

To begin this new year, I am launching my YouTube channel – and resuming from my podcast hiatus.

What that means is that, every week, I will be doing a new video for you, and as well releasing a new episode of Audacity2Lead podcast every week.

The videos are already set to come out every Thursday, and the podcasts will be available Mondays, just like before. (And if any changes need happen, I will let you know.)

Many of the videos will just be me teaching a new method, a new tip, a new strategy, a new insight all geared towards helping you lead your life and business in the direction that matters to you.

That may immediately pop something up in your mind. Has the mission of Audacity2Lead changed?

Well, maybe. But I will say, “The mission is still the same. The coinage is what has changed.”

Leading your life and business in the direction that matters means that you develop the courage to rise up, and take your life and business to that exact next level you envisage.

And that’s exactly what the YouTube channel and podcast will be focused on. So I invite you to subscribe both on YouTube and on iTunes.

Let’s make 2019 a better new year.

And yes, here is the first video for the year.

In this first episode, I had a walk at the beach, and while walking I flipped on the camera and shared how abundance and gratitude work together.

Develop an Attitude of Gratitude for the Little Things and Watch Your Life Change in a Big Way starting with your mindset towards lack and abundance.

I would be very grateful if you subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

What Are You Grateful for in 2018?

Let me have you share yours in the comments.

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