Do You Love Your Job? 5 Important Things to Note

#AUDACITY2LEAD DO YOU LOVE YOUR JOBMan is created to express himself. And one of the ways we give expression to “who we are” is through the work we do.


But if you now find yourself in a job that is not in tune with who you are (that is, your essence) what happens is that you will be expressing yourself in a negative way.


So, if you pay attention, you will discover this is why you hear some people say, “I HATE MY JOB!”


We need to reflect on our job and why we hate them.


True, some people hate their jobs! All they like about the job is the payday. Take away payday, the job is all crap. Trust me, that is how it is with many people out there – even young leaders with great potentials like yourself.


In this post, I want to help you understand the unique link between your design and your job – just some points out of many reasons why people hate their jobs.


I came across a book some years ago. I can’t even remember the title at the moment, but there was a story inside by Selwyn Hughes that I copied out from which I learnt a few things I’ll share with you.


Here, have the story and lessons I learned.


“Prior to becoming a minister I was a mechanical engineer. During the early part of my apprenticeship I was taught the different uses for different tools and then left on my own for a few hours to apply the knowledge I had gained.


“Unfortunately, I had not given my whole attention to what was being said when given the task of dismantling a small (lathe) machine that needed to be removed to another part of the workshop.


“I attempted to make a tool do what it was never intended to do and ended up breaking it! [The crux of the matter]


When I reported the fact to my supervisor and showed him the broken tool, he looked at me in astonishment and said, “Tell me what you did.”


I proceeded to show him how I had tried to separate two pieces of equipment with the tool and how when it wouldn’t budge I pressed harder and harder until it broke.


“Weren’t you listening?” He said angrily.


“You have just cost the company a couple of hundred pounds. The tool you were using was not designed for that purpose. Couldn’t you see by its very SHAPE and TEXTURE that is not what it is for?”


1. Pay Attention.


Pay attention to who you are. Pay attention to your gifts and potential. Pay attention to what God is saying about you and your future.


2. Don’t Be Used For What You Are Not Shaped To Do.


We are so much focused on what we can get financially from a job that we throw OUR NATURE and DESIGN to the dust bin.


Some of us studied the wrong course, and ventured out in the wrong direction. Some of us, because of pressure from home and high competition in the marketplace, we pick up any job that comes our way. Hence, we are pressured unnecessarily in a job we are not SUITED for.


“If you are GIFTED and GRACED to be a STREET SWEEPER why stay a BANKER?” – SMK


3. Too Much Pressure Breaks You If You Don’t Belong There.


Exertion of unwarranted strength would not give you the result. It is square peg in square hole that does the job. Find your fit.


4. You Waste Excessive Resources (money, time, ideas, relationships, emotion, spirituality, intelligence, etc.) When You Are Used For What You Are Not CREATED For.


You have wasted enough of that already, why not stop NOW! REFLECT.


5. Shape And TEXTURE Determines Purpose and Use.


Different tools in the mechanic’s tool box serve different purposes. You cannot use a spanner for what a screw driver will do. In other words, you need to find where you belong!


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