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If you’re looking for a community of podcasters in or around Nigeria or Nigerian podcasts, find right here.   So it happened that everyone went their several ways after we had finished the masterclass. It wasn’t funny that there was nothing organized to make them want to work together, or come together later on. We […]

‎Like any new concept, when introducing it to people, you get a number of questions in return. Here is one of those I’ve been getting since November last year: What is a podcast really, and what does it entail? I find it amazing how many people I run into around here in Nigeria that have

UPDATE: Now you can get a brand new professional microphone for your podcast right here. A few days ago, I mentioned how I started my podcast right here in Nigeria with a gadget of just N1,500 (about $8) and that got some people excited. Today, I want to let you in on the podcast mic

Scott Murray, one of my recent guests on #Audacity2Lead podcast quoted Cliff Ravenscraft, the Podcast Answerman saying, “There are billions of English speaking blogs out there. But there are only thousands of podcasts.” You can listen to my interview with Scott here Rob Walch from Libsyn said, “Blogger to Podcaster ratio is roughly 1950 to

One of the top 3 questions on people’s minds when it comes to podcasting is, “What kind of equipment do I get?” Many go further to ask me, “How much of equipment cost would podcasting require?” Well, I’m about to reveal something podcasters won’t easily tell you: “How to Podcast with very limited budget.”  When I

‎ This post is the beginning of a test I’ve decided to run this month of May. I have wanted to do it for a while, but other commitments wouldn’t allow me. Besides, it is a test that will determine some of my claims of growing a blog within a short time. I’m quite aware

  Every day, someone is thinking of a dream job. Every year, some graduates are leaving the four walls of a campus. Every month, some university students are confined to learn something irrelevant. My question is: Why are graduates a bunch of people with no specific skills? Yes, I understand you’re reading this because you’re

I mentioned earlier this year that this year I’ll do more of revealing some things in my life, and share with you how and what you can do if you find yourself in such cases. Today is one of such. I’m about to tell you my failure with #Audacity2Lead… However I’ve got to ask you, “Do

Three of the basic things that drive all humans are: a sense of connection, competence and contribution. We all want to have a community of our own, a tribe that assured are always waiting to hear from him, see himself as an influencer, knowing he is contributing meaning fully in the lives of others. “Tribe”

You are on a quest. You want to make a difference. You want to be seen and heard. You want to be recognized. There are people who will make that happen for you. This is your TRIBE. If this is all I’ll write today, I think I’ve tried. My intention is to let you in

Warning: This post may sound off as one of my selfish write ups where I just write about my personal life. If you read on anyway, you will learn a couple of things, and a secret I have never shared publicly. Plus you will much more see into my life as of 2014.  “Sometimes you

The moment between your breakthrough and massive failure is a large stone which you have to push away for success to be achieved. Push it, don’t quit and success will be yours for the taking. Once upon a time there was a king in ancient Israel who had many adversaries who sought to kill him

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