In March, after the Audacity2Lead website was down and all updates were lost, I just quietly packed up and wanted to go away. I got in touch with Daniel Ilemona Musa, the CEO of WeHost, and in a couple of hours, he helped me bring up the site to where it was last backed up – and that was January 2016.
That means that all the content on the Audacity2Lead site after January 4th was lost. The last backed up being the podcast about reasons you’ve been underprefroming.
Come to think of it, I had just talked about underperformance, and my website just went under. That demoralized my intentions – and interestingly I gave in to it. For weeks going to months, I didn’t have an iota of interest in podcasting anymore simply because I have poured in so much on the site for it to just crash suddenly like that.
I had done a couple of interviews that I was just preparing to publish, and all of that was just gone. The posts and podcasts I’d done before March, gone. All gone!
So in May, as I was thinking of what next to do with the site, and just one after the other, ideas began to come. I realised if I keep putting myself at that state, I’ll continue being disadvantaged. Blaming the site, and practically doing nothing to move my work and business forward.
Today, I’m done lamenting over that. While I will try as much to get all lost content back on the site, I’m going to move forward from here with new ideas. And so I want to share with you a couple of the things that will be changing from henceforth.

Number 1: Podcast goes back to Tuesday

This Tuesday, your favorite podcast resumes. This time with a new programming:
1st week:
You get to have A Solo Show, where its just you and just me, digging into a topic that matters deeply to your business and leadership;
2nd week:
A Topical Conversation, when I chat with an amazing guest or business expert on a specific topic;
3rd & 4th weeks:
A Journey Interview, where I get the chance to hear from an incredible entrepreneur who shares the trials and time-tested wisdom that came from doing business, and adapting the lessons for all of us;
5th weeks (if there is one):
It will be a surprise. Yes, that’s because if there’s a 5th week, I’ll just do something surprising. 🙂

Number 2: Site reflects the new phase.

Since March 2014 when I first launched Audacity2Lead, the site has experienced a tiny number of changes, now is also a time to make a major change.
First is the logo. 
So it happened that since the site was first launched, I have had the chance to change the logo twice. The first logo was just for me to get started as fast as possible. So I redesigned the logo once I was stable.
I feel the logo has stayed its time, and looking forward, it needs a couple of adjustments. This is what you find with the new logo.
While I was designing, I reached out to Dayo Abiolawho’s a specialist in logo making. In fact, he has a business just designing logos. And together, we made a lot of tweaks and perks and here is what we have. Thank you Dayo.
Second, the website has changed a bit. 
The fonts, the colours and a few tiny changes have been made.
Third, the podcast cover design has changed as well.
I am a big believer in simplicity of design, yet your designs should be as catchy as possible.
I have in the last 1 year designed the cover artwork of nothing less than 50 different podcasts all around the world.
When it was time for me to apply the new site design and logo for my podcast cover, I ran into a mental challenge. I wanted it to be simple yet very attractive.
I wasn’t even thinking of having my picture on the cover because – as you may already know – I’m shy 🙂 but I did it anyway.
Here’s the new cover design.

Number 3: Audacity2Lead Media Office opens.

For a long time, I have wanted to have a dedicated office space for podcast production, and the media work I do, this June I moved over to the new place. And work is going on to set up all the good things I really want to see. I have resumed work in the office as well.


More will be coming in the couple of weeks following today. I have written this so that you can see behind the scenes of what’s going on here.
We are moving Nigeria Podcast Network forward also. My goal now is that by June 2017, when Nigeria Broadcasting switches fully to digital, we would have more podcasts in Nigeria, by Nigerians then. 
To make that easy enough, I am creating a new website portal where I will dedicate a day in the week to working in depth with people who want to start their podcasts, or improve the one they already have.
I asked members of Nigeria Podcast Network a couple of questions so as to shape the direction – and for that each person who answers gets a free course back in return. If you’re interested in that, please answer this Q & A here. 
Now over to you…
I really would like to know, what would you like to see improved here on Audacity2Lead? No answer is wrong. In case you don’t feel like commenting, you can click here to send me a mail.

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