Blog with Excellence eCourse
Blog with Excellence eCourse

UPDATE: This course was initially a small group coaching program. Now you have it in a full home-study kit. Find info here.

If blogging is more than a passion you have…

If you seek to let your voice be heard…

Then you need some excellent approach to your blogging so you could stand out from the pack.

You probably know you should learn to establish your voice, write great content that grabs and keeps readers’ attention, create a persona who you will write your focused blog posts for, build a thriving mailing list, and network with others.

But you may be clueless how to go about it which is why I am here to help.

With the several questions I get on how to start, run, grow and monetize an effective blog, I have put together a 9-part framework in the form of a 3-days eCourse just for you. Plus an exclusive right to my Blog Go Pro eCourse

The Blog with Excellence eCourse will take you through:

  • How to name your blog for maximum benefits
  • Branding your personal/business blog (coupled with my brand consulting services made available for you)
  • Choosing a right hosting service
  • How to design your blog to get results
  • Automating your Blog to help you create time for other things
  • Promoting your Blog
  • 10 ways to monetize your blog that none else will easily offer you
  • How to come up with a successful launching strategy that will take your blog out of obscurity to relevant prominence.

This course is open to 50 people and I admit only 20 for free each session.

The first session takes place next Thursday the 29th of May, 2014 to Friday 31st, May 2014.

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To help you take full advantage of this eCourse, even if you can’t make the first 20, I have decided to make it easy for you to be a part of it by making it a pay-what-you-want style.

You decide what you want to pay!


Beyond what I’ll teach you, you will get free exclusive access to a collection of 8 eBooks that I received from my trainers in the blogging world.

  1. Effective Content Promotion: How to Use Alliances, Co-opetition, and Your Enemies to Get More Likes, Shares, Links, and Traffic
  2. How to Create  Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines
  3. How to Build Authority through Content and Google Authorship
  4. Landing Pages – How to Turn Traffic into Money
  5. How to Write Magnetic Headlines
  6. 99 Resources that will Make your Personal and Business Life Hum
  7. Nonverbal Website Intelligence: The 5 Invisible Forces Behind Effective Online Marketing;
  8. And lastly, 5 SEO Tips Every WordPress Owner Must Know.


Send an email to dayo@audacity2lead.com with the subject line Blog with Excellence eCourse, and you will get an instant response that will show the next step.

Remember this course is free for only the first 20 people, and that is dependent on the first emails I receive. So be fast!

While you’re at that, let me know: What key areas of blogging would you like to learn?

UPDATE: This course was initially a small group coaching program. Now you have it in a full home-study kit. Find info here.


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