How to Solve This Common Audio Feedback Problem [FREE VIDEO]

Audio feedback problem is one of the many you’ll experience while recording your podcast. Here’s how I helped some students solve it.

A few weeks ago, while working with students in my 4 weeks podcast coaching program, one of them asked a question that usually I’d thought everyone should know, it had to do with setting up audio feedback while recording your podcast.

Just a few days ago, Queen Esohe was going to hold her first teleseminar through an app on her laptop, and she encountered the same audio feedback problem while setting up.

We jumped on a call for some consultation, and what I shared in this video is kind of what I walked her through in about 40 minutes. 

These are just 2 out of many others have had to personally help with this same audio feedback problem.

This quick video was originally done for my students to walk them through how to solve this audio feedback problem… today I just decided to share this video with you here for free, perhaps it will help you and several others who may not know how to handle it.

In the video, you’ll also see how audio feedback works in Audacity. So if you’re having challenges with that too, it helps.

How to Solve Audio Feedback Problem

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