Okay… Seriously, why did you decide to start a podcast in the first place?

Was it because you wanted to feel good about what others would say you?

Was it because someone was doing it, and you ought to be podcasting too?

Was it because you didn’t have another way to reach more people since blogging is not really helping you get across?

Was it because you didn’t have something else to do, and you just had a headset and some laptop sitting somewhere…. Of course, Audacity is free so no investment up front?

Was it because you had to single yourself, your business, your brand out from this crowded social and online space?

Whichever motive you had, do you know it’s/they are not wrong?

I have learnt that even a complete bad behavior is sometimes motivated by good intentions, so what’s it about you starting a podcast?

As the year is drawing to a close, and for close to 12 months now that I did my last podcast episode, I’ve started to question myself why I got started really…

So if I ask you, why do you want to podcast, what will your answer be?

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