A sex therapist recently asked me about how I would resolve “performance anxiety in sex,” and I replied, “I would ask questions, and run assessments before anything else.” He told me almost immediately that I don’t know anything. I replied, “Thank you. What were you expecting to hear or read from me?” He said again, […]

How fear works in the brain is still mystery to many. Your brain is an extremely complex organ that has so many things happening in that it’s hard to completely comprehend, but what happens in your brain when you get scared? Uniquely designed by God, our brain is the first place fear is triggered in our

Sometime ago, I learned a few hacks from Keith Griffis about how to cue your mental state into productivity. Since then it has helped me in my journey. I came across it recently and thought it will be helpful to you.   Your brain is an amazing tool. It is so in tune with what

A business model is simply how a business is setup to make money. A business archetype is how the business owner operates. Diapers.com, setup as an ecommerce store, that only sells baby diapers. It will be normal to say it won’t sell, but the advantage the company had was linked to birthrate, which increase at a steady


What do you think is the most important aspect of your business? Simple. Marketing. If you don’t market, you’ll not get customers. If you don’t have customers, you’re not in business. Much more importantly, is when you have a system in place for marketing your business. A system that almost automatically runs on its own.

Isn’t it time you started some profitable endeavours? On this episode I’ll show you how to run your calling – profitably – in 5 steps.   ON THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO RUN YOUR CALLING PROFITABLY: About when I first started #Audacity2Lead, and for a couple of months I kept teaching, training and all

core message

Figuring your way through how to connect everything you do together as one? Here’s how a core message will help and exactly the steps to take to create or find your core message. ON THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: What a core message is How to find your it through a difference you already have and a big idea you

In working with different clients in regards to their podcast, I have noticed most of us fall into 4 podcast stereotypes, whether we are trying to start or already running one. I decided to share this information with members of my podcast network over a 4 day period, and the feedback was great.  Here are some: While all

Whatever platform you build is to fill a need a market has. It becomes a niche over time. Being able to design the solution for that niche helps you to stand out. In this episode of #Audacity2Lead, you will learn what it means to design a solution people want as you build your platform. When I talk about

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