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Figuring your way through how to connect everything you do together as one? Here’s how a core message will help and exactly the steps to take to create or find your core message. ON THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: What a core message is How to find your it through a difference you already have and a big idea you […]

  Find what you like, sell it. Find what is selling, sell more of it. Which do you prefer? This episode of #Audacity2Lead was inspired by these 2 ideas about product sales, when after speaking with Mayowa Ajisafe, I posted it on my timeline on Facebook and BBM. The question generated a couple of responses,

You have been told to stop doing the work you hate and start doing what you love. The question is: where and how do you get started on that route? Today, on this episode of the Audacity2Lead podcast, we decided not to shy away from this avoided topic of living a meaningful life while doing

Every June 18 is my birthday. I started the celebration for 2014 on a Sunday with #Audacity2Lead tweet conference and the launch of this blog, and on the conference, I shared a little of my story. At the end of this story, I would love to hear yours. You can give me a sneak peek by sharing

  I have been directly exposed to privileged ideas & businesses of over 500 People in the past 30 months. I see a pattern. We all have loads of ideas flushing through our minds. No one has a monopoly of this flush. The unfortunate part, though, is that over 80% of spontaneous ideas NEVER get

Before you put this aside that you are not a pastor, will you consider with me what it means for you to be relevant and influential in a location you find yourself? As a young person, perhaps one of the less emphasized matters of concern in your life as a Christian is your power of

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