4 Suprising Podcast Stereotypes Everyone Should Know

In working with different clients in regards to their podcast, I have noticed most of us fall into 4 podcast stereotypes, whether we are trying to start or already running one.

I decided to share this information with members of my podcast network over a 4 day period, and the feedback was great. 

Here are some:



While all of this discussion may not be empirical, they are based on my interactions with podcasters around the world, and much more based on my observations from the clients I’ve worked with.

There are 4 different stereotypes of podcast hosts, and you probably are one of these.

The Dreamer

The dreamer podcaster could be melancholic in his approach. He has a perfect idea of a perfect show, and because of the dream of ‘perfection’ he may never even record a single episode.

Sometimes the dreamer podcaster waits and waits for a perfect podcast idea….

Should he succeed to record his first episode, 90 days later he’ll feel to scrap the show for another podcast idea.

The reason is: by natural wiring, he’s an idealist. He generates a whole lot of ideas.

The dreamer kind of podcaster doesn’t see the challenges that come with growing an audience, building a following or even learning to podcast with excellence.

Some of these may be true about you, but wait till you see the other kinds and you’ll be surprised.

If you find yourself a dreamer kind of podcaster, here’s what to do: Find how you can apply this formula to your situation.


  • Vision
  • Obstacles
  • Transformation
  • Action

Begin with the Vision of a better future in mind.

Apparently Obstacles will arise almost immediately, like what you don’t know to say or do. What you should do in this case is to learn to outsource the things you can’t do about your podcast and focus on generating ideas and content.

Once that’s done, begin to envisage the kind of Transformation that’ll happen to your listeners as they follow you over a period of time. This will eventually grow your audience.

Take Action. Massive action!

The other day, I interviewed David Shriner-Cahn, host of Smashing The Plateau, and president of TEND Strategic Partners. One of the things he highlighted when we’re trying to go above a previous level of success is taking action – one key action per time.

As a DREAMER kind/type of podcast stereotype, it is very easy to be overwhelmed by the flow of thoughts, words, and pictures that are coming to you.

Outsource. Delegate. Act.

Those are simple things, right?

Now go do them.

If you found yourself in this let me know in the comments below. But let’s go on to the second podcast host stereotype.


The Achiever

Okay, we have looked at The Dreamer, and yes, I love what you must have learnt. But let’s take a step further.

Seeing the word ‘achiever’ will almost instantly connote someone who’s been there and done that, right?

Well, in the case of the achiever podcast host stereotype, yes is not the answer…

The Achiever podcaster is more interested in records, feats and bouts. His goal for starting his podcast is to have the highest downloads, win awards, and maybe be the first to do something unheard of.

Now, get me right, it’s not bad to have a drive like that. I sincerely encourage it.

Let me give you an illustration.

Earlier this year, a guy used the audio messaging feature on this site to contact me, and said a lot of good things about me and my podcast. He left his phone number that I should please call him. Perhaps we could work together.

On getting the audio message, I did a background check on him. I found out he’s a digital marketer. So I was excited.

When we got to talk, he was mentioning a lot of big names in the online business and podcast space – Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, and the likes, who were his friends, and will be coming on his show SOON.

Notice the word ‘soon’

Guess what….




This is November. I’m yet to see the release of his first episode.

The thing is this kind of podcaster is highly motivated, but also easily affected by little negative things.

Your drive is primarily achievement.

Impression is your main focus – not really the audience you want to serve.

Are there good sides to the achiever?


He makes other people step up their games when they relate with him. He provides a lot of inspiration for others of same kind.

You may be someone like this, you might not have done a single episode because of this high achievement aspirations.

Now, what should you do if this is you?


  • Take a step forward first.
  • Evaluate what you’ve done.
  • re-Strategize.
  • Test again.

It’s quite simple.

This keeps you in check, and keeps your achiever-adrenalin going. Because you’re moving. And in case things don’t go as you might have louded, you have the chance to learn during the process.

I hope this makes sense to you…

Let’s go on to the third podcaster stereotype

The ‘REBEL’ Podcaster Who Hates Frames

How many of you have read my free eBook, “Break The Frame”? If you haven’t yet, I’ll recommend you do that right away. It might give you some deeper understanding what frames are, and how to break it in your life, increase your personal effectiveness too.


When you see this 3rd type of podcaster, as we’ve been studying, you find some elements with him…

He deliberately likes to step outside of normal. In fact, he takes delight in breaking set frames, traditions, rules, norms and the likes.

If they say, “This is how it’s done.”

He’ll say, “Why must it be done like that?”

He may even go ahead and add, “Must everyone do it that same way?”

The thing is, this guy is not rude. He’s just an extremely outta-the-box guy. He’s a REBEL

I remember starting a business show with a man earlier this year which never saw the light of day. I guess that show is still sleeping right now 😀

Now back to…

One of the first things he told me as we were preparing is, “We’re not going to call this a podcast. Neither are we going to number the episodes.”

In my mind, I was like, “What? Where did this Jones come from na?” LOL

But he was right. I was right too. We had our different maps of the world. And he was simply speaking from his map

His idea required he HAS to deliberately think of doing things differently.

If you’re a REBEL podcaster, you’ll find yourself constantly dissatisfied with what’s going on on radio or TV, for example, and you’ll be desiring that someone – or you – start a podcast to address this thing.

Now because this person doesn’t like frames, I don’t know what to say again so as not to cage him…

Heheheh… 🙂 

Let’s jump over to the 4th stereotype

The Crusader: The Podcaster With A Mission

When I was younger, I used to look for trouble a lot, just like many of you reading this 🙂

I remember sometimes then, when coming back from school at Omole Grammar School, there would be a quarrel, and before the fight one person will draw 1 or 2 lines in the sand, and say something like if you’re bold enough, erase it.

Once you erase the line(s), the fight begins. But if you don’t, well una go dey holla, plenty shouts… no fight yet

Can anyone remember those days? Hehehe…

Now, what was the significance of those 2 lines drawn in the sand?

Here it is: Someone was trying to create polarity.

Someone was trying to get someone to cross a bridge and fight it out.

This is the simplest way to create a raving audience… be a crusader. Draw a line in the sand asking people to cross.

Those who cross become sold out to you. Those who don’t, can go and find another podcast to listen to.

I have done this secretly severally and I’m still doing it. Just that I wouldn’t tell you how exactly I’m doing mine yet. And I learnt it from Jeff Brown.

But here’s the thing, once you create a point of ‘cross this or that’ in the minds of your listeners, then they know there’s a podcast that’s really theirs – and they become devoted to tuning in every time.

The crusader is literally on a campaign with:

  • A message that has to be heard…
  • A vision that has to be born…
  • A need that has to be met…
  • A desire that has to be felt…
  • A fire that has to spread…

Depending on which of these that applies to you, here are a few ideas to help you if you’re a crusader podcaster:

  • Impose a belief
  • Share your worldview
  • Emphasise a theme
  • Indoctrinate a message or value
  • Appeal to the hearts (go beyond logic)

The network I mentioned for example, I believe Nigeria is at the verge of something bigger than we’ve ever experienced, and its going to happen as we all rise up to lead others in very specific directions.

To this end, you’ll find a statement in the group rules that goes like, “for respect of the younger crowd…”

What does that mean?

Here’s it: You should be conscious that whatever you do or don’t do, someone’s life is being changed by it. You’re leading without a position or title.

[Tweet “Whatever it is you do or don’t do, someone’s life is being changed by it.”]

If you won’t cooperate with that, “aurevoire” we see you next time.

What have I done? I’ve created polarity.

So what can you do on your podcast to create such strong stand on something?

I guess this will hit some point here. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I’m sure one or more of these podcast stereotypes connect with you.

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5 thoughts on “4 Suprising Podcast Stereotypes Everyone Should Know”

  1. I read this and can’t stop thinking. Hmm I find myself in the first category. And you actually hit the point. “DREAMER”. Nice one Dayosamuel. Taking action now.

  2. Hi Dayo, thanks for this post and your presentation in the Podcast Success Summit! I’m going to have to check into your podcasting group, as I agree about community. So far, it’s hard to match the podcasting community… what a great bunch of people!

    I’m certainly the Dreamer type with a good dose of Crusader. I’m embarrassed to say how long I’ve been working up to a podcast launch (hopefully two, eventually), but I’m certainly getting closer and articles/presentations like your’s are a big help. Regards, Steve.

    1. @cgWerks:disqus, thank you. I appreciate the wonderful feedback. Yes, you”re right, nothing can be helpful as a community of people supporting you on your journey.

      Is there any possible reason you’re yet to launch your podcast – one then the other? I’ll be interested in knowing….

      Glad my presentation and the article helped. I look forward to having you in the community.

      1. Hi Dayo, I’m finally getting back to responding to this. 🙂

        I think it’s partly that I’ve just had more critical things to work on, so the podcast always keeps getting put off. But, it’s also at least partly that I’m afraid of putting it out there until I feel I have everything just right (perfectionism).

        Since the first one will be about building websites and using them, and it represents my business, I’m more picky. Maybe I should launch the other one first (Christian apologetics) as I’m more comfortable in the sense that it doesn’t feel like my income depends on it as much.

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