Here’s What To Do While You Wait As A Leader

What do you do when you’re in-between vision and fulfilment?

Everybody pursues something, right?

Today, I share with you 5 things to do while you wait between your calling, leadership and fulfilment.

#AUDACITY2LEAD What To Do While You Wait As A Leader

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  • The 5 Steps to take while you wait to become who you want to be
  • Why waiting is not really a problem
  • How waiting and leadership ties together




Thank you for tuning in for this episode. Next episode I’ll be spaking with Sarah Cordiner from Main Training, Australia.

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6 thoughts on “Here’s What To Do While You Wait As A Leader”

  1. Thanks for releasing yourself to God to use to churn out this great message, it was so precise…….the part that imparted me most is the part of prayer in Waiting. Thanks Dayo

  2. Hi Dayo,

    Thanks for the Shout Out to The Fruitfulujah Podcast, at http://www.fruitfulujah.com.ng which I host.

    In this day and age (jet age) where everyone wants to have everything at an instant, it may sound out of place to encourage people to wait, but that is the right message.

    Rome was not built in a day, speed kills, and life is not “instant tea”.

    My Pastor once coined this phrase for me which helped me as a young man: “Sefa, the steps and the stops of a man of God are ordered by the Lord”. There are times I step ahead, but there are also times I have to stop. Yes, I “stop” and wait. The eagle renews its strengths when it waits, and not when it flying high in the sky… so does the man that waits upon the LORD.

  3. Thanks Dayo. Fantastic message. I perceive you to be humble, however your words have in them authority. Honestly this message is for a “me”. And also, the part that struck me the most the analogy of the $5000 and $500. Thanks once again.

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