It’s our belief that the church is one generation away from a leadership void and if we don’t intentionally develop leaders, the church will struggle to keep up with events around her. We also believe if our leaders will lead the church well, the church will lead the world. To these ends, we have developed the #Audacity2Lead , a blog focused on leadership development for students and young adults. http://audacity2lead.com.
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Young & Strong is a para-ministry outfit with a mandate to help young adults, like you and I, clearly define what we want to do with our lives, and to begin early to lead in that direction. Our assignment basically is to prepare people for leadership as we sound a wake-up call to the young people in the Body of Christ. We equip young adults with practical skills needed to provide leadership to their communities, workplaces, and churches, and to ultimately fulfill God’s plan for their lives. Established in 2010, Young & Strong has trained several young leaders in giving expression to their passion.

It has been discovered that whatever change any society needs hangs on the shoulders of its youths. And because of the peculiarity of youth – being a time of responsibility and searching for answers to life’s many questions, the youths tend to explore life more differently. Also, it is at this stage that most mistakes of life are made. Someone said, “Almost everything that is great has been done by youth. For life in general there is but one decree. Youth is a blunder; manhood a struggle; old age a regret.”
As a youth leadership development organization, we have God’s prerogative to rescue our youths from the rut of lethargy rousing them to live meaningful, purpose-driven lives.

Young & Strong is a para-ministry outfit raised to meet a specific need in the Body of Christ. Our assignment in the simplest form is to prepare people for leadership as we sound a wake-up call to young people, especially in the Body of Christ.

Our vision:

Our vision is to Redefine youthfulness as we raise leaders

Our mission:

To provide knowledge-based trainings and capacity development avenues to young people to enable them move their LifeTask™ from potential to productive performance.

We carry out our assignment through seminars, publications and specialized trainings. Two of which are:

1. Young Leaders Forum [now called The #Audacity2Lead] – a meeting where we develop leadership capacities in young people who sense a call to leadership. This comes up once in every 2 months in a physical location.

2. Living Letters – Living letters is a publication of Young & Strong sent out every month to equip young adults to lead everywhere they are, providing practical and balanced solutions to real life challenges.

If you share our passion for change by empowering great leaders, sign up membership with us today. Join us as we set out to raise the standard of leadership and life among our youths and young adults. Send YES, your name, location, phone number and email to audacity2lead@gmail.com. You can also visit http://www.facebook.com/youngnstrong for details. And don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to keep tabs with updates and new happenings.

Our Core Values:

(a) Commitment: We recognize, celebrate and reward dedication, passion and loyalty to the mission and objectives of Young & Strong.

(b) Communication: We recognize that clear, timely and consistent communication is the basis for effective teamwork, efficient problem solving and organizational success.
(c) Excellence: We demonstrate excellence in all our activities, going the extra mile to ensure that our operations, programs, and services are of highest available standards.

(d) Integrity: We consistently endeavor to model solid character, transparency, and truthfulness in all our dealings.

(e) Respect: We recognize and celebrate the diversity in our society and strive to demonstrate utmost respect and value for people in all our interactions.

(f) Results: Our efforts are focused on outcomes, not activities. Through our programs, we strive to change mindsets and behaviors –inspiring, empowering and equipping our participants with the tools, skills and support they need to effectively lead positive change in their communities, schools, church and companies.


Dayo Samuel Ayodele, the Lead Facilitator of Young & Strong, is a trainer, media consultant, and life coach. He is a graduate of Industrial Design from the Federal University of Technology, Akure. Through seminars, the internet, books and tapes, Dayo trains and motivate young people to lead everywhere they are. He is currently a media personnel with Word Aflame Family Church, Makurdi, Benue State.

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