Who Really Wants to Be a Broke-Ass Blogger?
Who Really Wants to Be a Broke-Ass Blogger?

Yes. I mean that. Who really wants to be a broke-ass blogger?

Of course, I know you don’t want to.

So it’s time to bite the cheese with these tips on how best to blog if making some money is your concern.

I know you will say, “But you said we shouldn’t blog for money.”

Yes, I did say so.

But do you really want to be a broke-ass blogger?

If you want to be, then stop here and exit the blog.

But if you will like to earn some money from your blog, read on!

The ideas I want to share with you are custom-made for you. It is impossible not to find one that you will inspire you.

And if you will take them from me with some seriousness, you won’t need to waste a whole lot of time, effort and resources to make money from your blog.

I’m not saying it is going to be easy to do, but I guarantee you will be glad trying out some of these proven ideas. (And that is really my goal – helping you make that necessary leap).

The good thing about these ideas is that I am about to step into most of them. So I’m sharing them with you so we could make the journey together, while I come along and help you navigate.

It may require some adjustments on your blog. And may even require you to spend some cash, but if you will stick with me on this blog, I’ll bring you all the information you need to successfully do all you need to do to be all you need to be – creating a platform for yourself inclusive.

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Learn to Blog with Excellence
Learn to Blog with Excellence

Special Notice: I’m putting together an intensive 3 days training for bloggers called Blog with Excellence. It is free for only 20 people. More details at the end of this post.

So let’s get started with How to Monetize your Blog.

A: Foundations

Let me, in this section, ask you some basic questions that can guide you, and in the next section, I’ll share with you different ways you can monetize your blog.

  • Is your blog going to support an existing business and bring in new customers?
  • If you are writer, an author, or editor, is your blog going to be your test of the market? Or your platform for something  you’ll launch later, maybe a book, an eBook, a resource product?
  • Will you be an affiliate of certain products and earn commissions on sales?
  • Are you going to offer to your readers much more?

B: Online Monetization Strategies

In this section, I will talk about how to monetize your blog basically with an online strategy.

  • Offer a service. Do you design, write, coach, teach? Whatever you already have an expertise in is a huge money maker. For example, on this blog, my primary goal is leadership for young people. But my years of blogging is a resource I call on to teach blogging. I’m a trained professional graphic designer (of course you might have noticed), so I offer to design materials for people who love my blog, and need theirs to look good. What’s the idea? The idea is to make your blog service-driven, not only content-driven. Anybody who love what you do can be your customer.
  • You can decide to Sell Advertising Space on your blog or may put unnecessary materials that won’t earn you a dime. You decide.
  • Membership programs. To generate a steady stream of income, you can move your blog beyond the ‘freemium’ level to a premium level. Here people pay you a monthly fee for some quality or so service/content you provide which will never be available to them at the freemium level. This could be a training or an in-depth delve into a beastly resource.
  • Info products (of your own) different from affiliate products.
  • Affiliate sales program. Here you offer the products of other people to your audience at a commission. The noticeable thing is you may not have to have used those products before to recommend them. But you must be sure it can provide solutions to people’s problems.

C: Offline Monetization Strategies

Now, I want to help you see some offline ways you could also monetize your blog. You could some hit some huge cash from here.

  • Direct ad sales. Here you gather programs or products that take place or are available offline and receive payments to advertise them on your blog. The idea for this to work fine is to offer the first one or few months free.
  • Services, Consulting, Coaching: You might have seen this tab on my own blog. I’ve not started using it yet, though. What you do here is to direct your blog readers to an offline service you provide accessible at a fixed or negotiable cost. For me, I coach and consult on leadership, productivity, platform building and social media.
  • Speaking Engagements. If you build a great brand, become known as an expert in your field, you can turn that into paid speaking engagements. You may be the one to organize the event where people pay to attend, or you may be a featured guest. The idea is you’re not doing it free. I accept such requests, too. J

Now that I’ve shared these ideas with you, I know you’re glad. And you’re probably about to rush out of the door. Wait! Don’t jump out yet. I have an awesome news for you.

Before the news, I know there are other ways you could make money with your blog. Do well to share those ideas with me in the comment section below. And if you have questions, go ahead and ask me, I’ll be available to answer. And please share this post to spread the word and help others discover these tips.

Now for the news: There is much more you can accomplish with your blog. Sign up now to be part of the first 20 people who I’m going to admit free of charge into BLOG WITH EXCELLENCE eCourse. Click here to sign up.

UPDATE: The eCourse has been repackaged into an easy accessible eBook for you. Plus a couple of videos to accompany it. Get more details here

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  1. Hey Dayo, it’s my first time on this blog and I must confess that I am already in love with this blog and I so like the theme. I just continue to like the themes from “MyThemeShop” – they’ve got great templates at their end.

    So speaking about this great post, all the list you shared here ain’t that new to me but I again love them as you shared them so well and it just come down fresh on me. I still prefer the creating my product and speaking gig idea as they are the ones I’m now focusing more on.

    Thanks for the share matey! BTW, I joined your mailing list and I still am yet to get a copy of your ebook. What’s going on boss? You might want to please help me resolve this issue ASAP!


    1. Hi Sam,

      Good to have you here. So you share my last name. Thumbs up for the comment.

      For the book, I wonder why you didn’t get it. Did you try to check your spam folder, it sometimes moves there?

      Please do and let me know if its still not available.

      Thanks for checking by

      1. Hehe……that’s true. What a great name it is, right? Okay, I’ll check my spam folder then. Thanks. BTW, you’ve got really great things cooking here and I should stick around to learn from you. And pls do checkout my blog too. I greatly would appreciate. 🙂

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